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Hefei storage plant capacity planning news exposure, super SK Hynix Wuxi factory – Sohu Technology Science News reported previously, Chinese storage three forces forming, the Yangtze River storage, Jinhua integration has actively launched factories, production of cloth, sent to the Hefei team also no relevant news, now related to recruitment information and the results of the EIA exposure, also revealed the development of more information. The development of China storage into three onslaught, besides a Wuhan new core and purple body storage, the Yangtze River to help UMC Fujian Jinhua integration, third forces are ready to in ponled innovation and in core CEO Wang Ningguo led Hefei Changxin cooperation, now from ponled innovative recruiting news and Hefei Changxin the EIA announcement, can also be a glimpse of its layout in Hefei. Hefei will be the development of stored messages is not news, but originally reported in cooperation with the municipal government of Hefei Elpida’s former president Moto Yukio has got the news at Osaka, out of Hefei, and the follow-up will be Chinese native NOR Flash manufacturers ponled innovation, as well as the leading core in CEO before Wang Ningguo took over Hefei changxin. Zhao Yi innovation recently on the Southeast University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiao Tong University China, Wuhan University of Technology, Sichuan Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology launched a series of recruitment activities, recruitment brochure reveals ponled innovation and Hefei to build the project, to create a chip company set design, manufacturing, processing in one, a total of three projects, the first phase of planning and construction a 12 inch wafer factory, located in the Hefei Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, estimated to start in July 2017, and the current team of more than 50 employees, to 2017 is estimated to be up to thousands of people on the 2 thousand scale, 2018. Coincidentally, Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone announced a Hefei Changxin EIA announcement at the end of October, the plant’s location and ponled innovation is exactly the same, and reveal more information, notice that the 12 inch will be engaged in the semiconductor memory chip production, the total investment amounted to 49 billion 400 million yuan, a year in the 1 million 500 thousand capacity chugu tablets (per month although less than 125 thousand pieces) out of the Wuhan new core storage base of the monthly production capacity of 200 thousand pieces per month, 110 thousand capacity but this figure has more than SK Hynix Wuxi factory, but out of capacity is the amount of one thing, the yield is also key. In addition, the other two Chinese storage development forces action is clearly ahead of many, Wuhan new core storage base started at the end of March 2016, Zhao Weiguo, chairman of Changjiang Ziguang group 14 days in storage activities revealed that the base will be officially started in early December, than previously estimated in August when the groundbreaking ceremony started ahead of many, is expected in 2018 completed, monthly production capacity about 200 thousand of total capacity, the official target base by 2020 reached 300 thousand in May and 2030 1 million months came to the same result. Fujian Jin Hua integration with the signing of a technical cooperation agreement, by the United States to assist its production of niche type DRAM, in July the newly built 12 inch plant is also officially laying the foundation of preliminary production相关的主题文章: