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Hefei local household registration is not limited to the purchase of second-hand housing landlord sell second-hand housing market Hefei in October 2nd issued a "purchase order" is considered in the domestic purchase of the city is strictly. However, due to the policy execution time is short, the market reaction is not very obvious. The purchase pays more attention to the use of a combination of boxing Anhui Qingyuan Real Estate Institute executive director Wang Qiuyan believes that compared to March 2011 through August 1, 2014 release Hefei purchase of the policy, the policy clearly must be strictly. Regardless of the scope of the purchase, or land supply, market regulation, pre-sale management, affordable housing, public opinion and other aspects, we can see that the purchase of the policy to pay more attention to the use of combination punches. In addition to curb demand side, complementary system can also regulate the property market from other sectors. Before the purchase of many real estate false start, before the National Day holiday, the developers "false start" opening is very obvious. 26 -28 days, Hefei has 9 real estate market, respectively, Raycom City Hengda Crystal International Plaza, Austria Qingcheng, XinDa royal mansion, Changan Tian Yu, Binhu County Baowen center and the new world center, Yuncheng, China Grand contemporary city of the future, a total of more than 3000 sets of houses, high-rise apartments, shops, etc. many product listings. The 29 day, there were 6 projects nearly 1200 sets of rain overnight opening. From the market price, housing is still popular, far more than the number of listings from no.. And "false start" correspondingly, during the National Day holiday property market some downturn, only 4 planned opening. Reporters at the national day into the north of the city a number of properties for sale, the sales office is still a large flow of people. Four Li River is ready to open a new disk there are many foreigners in the consultation. Currently, the national day of new commodity housing transaction data has not yet come out, less affected by the opening, the record volume dropped significantly. Hefei commercial housing filing system data show that in October 7th the volume of commercial housing in Hefei for 0. Local household registration is not limited to the purchase of second-hand housing owners sell the purchase and the last limit, the purchase of second-hand housing in Hefei will open, the local family residence is not limited to the purchase of second-hand housing. In this context, the second-hand housing market is somewhat subtle. Live off data show that as of the evening of 7, October Hefei second-hand housing listing price of $14476 per square meter, an increase of 9.77% over the same period in September. During the national day, the reporter can receive different intermediary every day to ask whether the real phone, more frequent than before the purchase. From the number of second-hand housing market intermediary can also be seen in one or two Century City, North City stores more than half of all kinds of second-hand housing intermediary, many unknown small intermediary. An intermediary in the circle of friends with emotion, after prices rose faster when the landlord was reluctant to sell second-hand housing, the housing shortage, now "restriction", more people chose to wait and see. Morning news reporter Yu Jiaojiao相关的主题文章: