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The introduction of Hefei employment subsidies Deal new entrepreneurial failure can declare social security subsidies learned yesterday from the city and Social Council, the city issued "on the implementation of employment under the new situation of the relevant policies of the notice", the college graduates social capital incubator network, entrepreneurship training, employment and entrepreneurship, new venture failure personnel and other related aspects of subsidies. The new subsidies, subsidies for new standards, employment difficulties identified standards are implemented from January 1st this year, valid for 3 years. Network entrepreneurship training subsidies into the scope of social capital, private enterprises or in the investment construction and management operations of the incubator, providing a venue or business service platform for production and operation of workers first venture, rent does not exceed 80% of the same type of site, the average rent of similar area, property costs no more than the same area, the same type of site mean property charges the 70%, and was identified as Municipal Bureau of human resources and social entrepreneurship incubator, can enjoy subsidies. They meet the appropriate conditions, according to the city at the base of more than 9 months of incubation the number of enterprises, 3 years of incubation period in accordance with the standard 3000 yuan per household per year given incubator subsidies. Incubation base in November each year to the county (city), the district (Development Zone) Venture Service Center to apply for subsidies. In addition, the city will also be in line with the State Department of human resources and social curriculum standards of entrepreneurship training programs into the scope of subsidies, mutatis mutandis, entrepreneurial simulation training and the implementation of the capital subsidy program. Colleges and universities to hold public recruitment will subsidize college graduates to participate in job search business, you can enjoy a number of subsidy policies. Technician college senior class, preparation technician class and special education college vocational education graduates, can refer to college graduates enjoy the relevant subsidy policy. Enjoy the minimum living guarantee for urban and rural residents of the family, disability, access to national student loans graduate year of college graduates, according to the standard of 800 yuan one-time issuance of job subsidies. Similarly, the city held a free large public recruitment, and signed three party employment agreement graduates information to the city and Social Council submitted, the city will be based on the number of contracts in accordance with the standard 40 yuan per person to give subsidies in Colleges and universities. Leave within 1 years without the employment of college graduates flexible employment and personal capacity to pay social insurance fees, a monthly subsidy of 250 yuan to give workers pension insurance, medical insurance subsidies 60 yuan, subsidies for a period not exceeding 24 months. Within 1 years of graduate school leavers unemployed college graduates to participate in job training during the probationary period, basic living subsidy standard of not less than 1800 yuan per person per month. Probationary period, the number of signed more than 12 months of labor contract and the trainee and pay social insurance accounted for more than 50% of the year when the trainee trainee trainee base, according to absorb employment, given probation base one-time award according to the standard of 1000 yuan per person. The new college graduates entrepreneurial failure can be declared the first founder of science and technology, social security subsidies category of modern service industry of small and micro enterprises, the normal operation of 6 months and pay social insurance premiums from the date of registration of the business, I give a one-time qualified college graduates 5000 yuan in subsidies. New entrepreneurial failure.相关的主题文章: