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Hebei 300 people through the spring and autumn Shidian Confucious’Temple Confucius Ceremony complete praise – playing music. To commemorate the 2567 anniversary of the birth of Confucius, yesterday in Zhengding Confucious’Temple recently renovated the guidance by the Hebei province of Hebei province wenshiguan Confucianism Research Council jointly organized with the Zhengding County Government "bingshen autumn Shidian ceremony was held. From outside the province and part of the Capital University, fellow Confucian school, primary school students more than 300 people attended the Shidian ceremony. The figure – Qie Lei told reporters yesterday, in the solemn sound of music ceremony officially opened. Shidian ritual is an important intangible cultural heritage, is the embodiment of respecting external ritual, is a living fossil of Chinese etiquette culture. Deputy director of the Provincial Research Institute of culture and history, Guo Qinghua said, hoping to Shidian ceremony offering hole as a starting point, and actively carry out research work and the Confucian culture education of Confucianism, gradually to the community spread of Confucian culture, the Confucian culture back to the old people to revive the Chinese civilization, to build a moral society, rebuild the belief in life. Li Yi dance students (yì). Province Confucianism Research Association executive vice president Gao Shitao said: Although the ceremony is a kind of external form, but it can affect people’s heart. A person wearing new clothes, you will feel the spirit of the more; two people meet each other over the bow, will feel a mutual respect. So, from outside to inside, from the inside, "then the ornamental and the combined plain properties" to "the gentleman". "Gong Jian Zhuang Jing, Confucianism also". It is a very important job to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture and popularize the etiquette culture. Shidian ritual is respecting etiquette, is the living fossil of Chinese etiquette culture. We organized by Shidian ceremony, to express the Chinese culture of respect and admiration Confucius. At the same time, it is also a kind of education and education for students and social groups. In the reading of the Analects of confucius. The Confucious’Temple memorial ceremony held in Zhengding, has long been formed. According to Liang Sicheng’s research, the Great Hall of the building itself to Qufu Temple 500 years. In September 2005, one hundred years of unique Shidian ritual in Zhengding Confucious’Temple re played, the capital of Confucian culture since starting work. Confucious’temple with its definite Shidian ritual ceremony integrity, law-abiding and widely praised by domestic and foreign circles of confucianism.相关的主题文章: