Heavy rains caused much danger in Taishun, 78 year old man buried more than two hours (Figure)-pork face

Wenzhou storm caused much danger in Taishun buried 78 year old more than two hours (Figure) fire and rescue the trapped man "miranti menacing, more heavy rains in Wenzhou. Yesterday, the surge of water has caused Taishun, Wencheng, Yongjia multiple mudslides, road collapse, landslides and other dangerous situations, causing some people trapped. Wenzhou people fighting around the line, rescue. Wencheng at 8:38 in the morning the man drove besieged by the flood risks being washed away at 8:38 in the morning, the fire brigade received the alarm for help, in Wencheng County Indigo by hydraulic power plant near the castle, a man driving through sections of water, into the stream of critical condition. After the alarm, 7 rescue officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. A black car was trapped in the rushing water, the man looked in the car. "Have to hurry to rescue, if the water again big trouble." The commander elected two water better firefighters Zhang Wei and Wu Jianghai, they belt safety rope, in the rear of the rescue workers under the traction, slowly close to the trapped. At that time, the vehicle handbrake has failed, all by the man on the footbrake support. Rescue officers and men near the difficult, the life jacket and rope to the man to protect, then quickly pulled him out of the car. At this time, the flood suddenly soared, cars, rescue workers and men instantly floods have staggered, Wu Jianghai clung to the man on the shore, rescue officers and soldiers quickly grabbed the rope, doing all the three people pulled to the shore. Trapped man is a hydropower plant employees, I thought I could open the past, did not expect the car into the water dilemma. Thank you for saving me." At 11:48, Wencheng fire brigade also received the alarm for help, Zhou Ao Di village houses surrounded by the flood, home only 1 sixty elderly and 3 children, the child’s parents are migrant workers, one family in danger. In the morning, the group of players came out again to save the old man and the child. The child is 13 years old and the youngest is only about the age of 7. At 11:30 at noon in Taishun buried 78 year old more than two hours rescued after 11:30 in the morning, near Taishun County Xi Zhen Zhou Lu Si Cun, because of heavy rains caused landslides, a 78 year old woman was buried in the mountain of the small kitchen. Yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival, the children from the field of Tao lady back holiday, elderly delight in small busy in the kitchen. Who knows, sudden landslides, small kitchen was buried in the debris in rolling down. Fortunately, the reinforced beam of the kitchen just fell on the hearth near, forming a "life-saving iron triangle", she just hid in the tao. She was buried, Tao desperate to the outside for help. Heard the old man trapped in the news, in addition to the village, the surrounding villagers in the rain came to the rescue. Because the mountain has been blocked, fire and police stations are unable to arrive in time, we can only rely on their own strength to save the elderly." Involved in the rescue of Mr. Chen said. No professional rescue tools, hand digging. Sixty or seventy men dug more than two hours, she finally dug tao..相关的主题文章: