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Health door without prejudice to the polls? Hilary Trump – leading Sohu news Cleveland Grover? Franklin? Ross Ford White? Eisenhower John? Kennedy Woodrow? A new poll shows Wilson, although the United States Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? 11 days because of physical discomfort, being carried away from the cause of her health concerns, but the support rate is not reduced, at present still the leading Republican rival Donald Trump by 4 points?. According to a poll and end Reuters Ipsos Group 15, 42% of respondents supported Hilary, 38% for Trump. Trump, 70 years old, if elected president, will become the oldest ever inaugural president of the United States; Hilary, aged 68, if elected president, will become the inaugural president of the age of the top second u.s.. Prior to the oldest president elect Ronald, when he took office in 1981, he was more than and 10 days old at the age of years old, he was about to reach the age of 70. However, the health concerns of the two candidates, does not seem to affect the choice of U.S. voters vote. According to another poll of Reuters and the Ipsos group this week, the majority of respondents said that their vote does not care about the health of the candidates. Since July, Hilary’s support rate remained at the forefront of the trend of Trump, but the gap narrowed in late August. This week, Hilary’s lead increased. Polls show that Hilary in the minority, female, annual salary of more than $75 thousand, the more moderate groups political support rate is high; Trump white, male, pious, retiring population support rate is high. Overall, American voters are not satisfied with the two presidential candidates. About 1/5 of voters said that Hilary and Trump are not fit to be president; and Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney? The same stage of the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama and Romney were not satisfied with the proportion of voters is about 1/10. According to Xinhua news agency, United States President background of "patient": presidents, sick Posts hide the condition before the US presidential candidate Hilary (68 years old) and Trump (70 years old) were released more information about their physical condition: Hilary is currently suffering from bacterial pneumonia; Trump weighed 236 pounds (about 107 kg), significantly overweight statins, and taking cholesterol lowering. Access to health records served as president of the United States, sick posts, without concealing the disease, disease, disease and medical conditions make people speechless, who died of illness of the president of a total of 4 people. In 2006, a survey of all 37 American presidents before the year of 1974 found that almost half of them showed signs of mental illness. About 1/4 of them were suffering from depression, and those with anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and alcohol dependence accounted for about 8% of all cases, and in the president’s office, 10 of them had these symptoms. It is difficult to estimate the impact of the disease on the president’s decisions. Grover? Cleveland office on a yacht to remove the tumor release secret of cancer相关的主题文章: