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Have you finished 5 crazy running? The most difficult thing to buy equipment brush mileage 5 crazy things you run it? Runner, a magical being! There are so many ordinary people may seem like crazy things, but in the eyes of the runners, these are too commonplace! Unlock the 5 ring bar! Unlock a ring, in a special running phase of the eyes of running friends, just like playing the game as full of excitement and pleasure! From the 2 to the 5 ring, a person, a little change and a glass of water, so began to run up. People will sigh: are you crazy? Why do such a masochistic thing? Runners say: I am happy and happy! Buy a pair of shoes, thousands of pieces! Perhaps you will spend thousands of dollars to buy a pair of high-end brand leather shoes, but there will be a group of people will definitely draw the equivalent of money in the "sports shoes", this group of "Crazy", is the runner. The runner’s mouth, you never heard of Gucci, Prada and other brand names, running about, is this pair of running shoes how light? Is resilience good? How about the slow shock technology? So, do not look down on the runner’s equipment, a pair of shoes, you may be more expensive than your brand belt! Wear compression pants! If you see a man wearing very tight pants in the street, you will feel uncomfortable or Lenovo if this person has a special hobby. However, there is a group of wild pure menfolk, they are most proud of is the ultra tight compression clothing, underwear! Compressed underwear for runners, is a god class equipment. No matter how tight it is, how hard it is to wear, how embarrassing to wear, can not stop the runner’s love for it! Run to go to work! How do you go to work? Subway? Private cars? There are a bunch of "Crazy", they run to work! Distance 10KM? In their eyes is a random run of things, this group of "Crazy", is the runner! Your eyes need transportation travel difficult, the runners eyes is a heart running distance. If you see a car in the abandoned tour scenic area and choose their own running sightseeing, yes, it must be a runner! Take a marathon! "Marathon is the most boring sport in the world!" Yes, that is a person, then running, running, and running again… The TV broadcast marathon race, from the beginning to the end of time, can let us take a nap! But in the world there is a group of people crazy love this sport! They spend lots of money for each country at marathon, winning more happy than success! This group of "Crazy" the same sports, is the runner"! There is a group of "Crazy", they give up, eat and drink to accompany the leadership relations the opportunity to choose a person running alone; there is a group of "Crazy", they give up the comfort of life style, to use their legs out of others need a ride to reach the distance; there is a group of "Crazy", they do not the love of money, power, preference in front of a section of that will never be able to run the end of the road! This group of "Crazy"相关的主题文章: