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Have you ever experienced despair? When falling in love with a person concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The article from the WeChat public number: psychology has your desperate love I think once true love, after the failure can not love again. I am like this, like lost life, very distressed. I hope you guide my way. Baidu friends all love is impossible. – the French philosopher Jacques Derrida? Work from the sad to die. Ancient poetry of the nineteen I a friend W, after the lovelorn charm. Originally, he has quite a male charm, but after the loss of this charm seems to be on the next floor, often encounter the girl was a Leng Leng leng. His girlfriend said that he was constantly in the dissemination of sexual temptation information, which is the source of his charm. I don’t think it’s like this, but what’s going on? I was a little confused for a moment. It was also the two day, when I was working on a study group, when a female student shared her experience, I felt I had a little bit of an answer. This study, is to let the female students to share, what kind of man let them call, such men and their fathers have any connection. Last week, just let the male students to share, what kind of woman will let them call, and such a woman and their mother have any connection. A female student said, "Oh, she’s never been to a man.". This is not possible, I said, you 30 years of life has never been a man to the electricity? Definitely not like this, think about it. Not really, but she said thoughtfully, suddenly she remembered what seemed like that, alas, she did a few times, but she would have felt quickly snuffed calls, so in her memory as if she had never been fascinated by men like. I asked her, why will call the feeling immediately put out? She answered the call, feeling terrible, she would feel about each other at that time, all the time thinking about each other every act and every move, my happiness and suffering are other even a small move ignited, and magnified to the extreme, she would feel a sudden ablation, does not exist. So, she never calls. Thinking and listening to her, I suddenly realized that it was also her mother’s feelings, and this is the reason why her mother decades, such as a day to belittle, attack her father. For their mother and daughter, the feeling of falling in love with a man is terrible, so when they are in love, they will choose not to feel the man. However, even if I don’t feel what the man, if you live a long time, there will be love, and love that means that terrible feeling hit, so she and her mother, at this time will continue to criticize their picky husband, lack of. Through this criticism, they not only gain a dominant position in the intimate relationship, but also the hearts of their own love of the flow of the lost, so you can escape the love brought about by the fear of self ablation. Self ablation of terror, I wrote in the previous article, if you相关的主题文章: