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Harvey: Rooney is still able to contribute to Manchester United? A little early – Sohu   sports; Rooney has lost his position at Manchester United, there have been news media said, Mourinho has determined to Rooney and to the super clean, or play the United States occupation became the United captain choice. But according to the well-known sports media "goal" news, recently the former Barcelona star Harvey in an interview that Rooney now still have the ability to play in Europe, or in the United States occupation gold some too early now. Harvey announced in 2014 to win the Champions League after leaving Barcelona to Qatar for gold, although has left more than two years of European football, but Harvey has been very concerned to European football. Last year, Rooney poor, Harvey had proposed to Rooney advice: "Rooney also made many contributions, but now is the time to make a change, smart player will adapt to the changes, his vision and passing are very good, if back into midfield will be more a threat." The new season, Rooney’s game has been more sluggish, many Reds failed to start, but about Mourinho will wash the news constantly being exposed xiaopang. Although Manchester United can not be reused, but the United States on the Super League and major league teams are very interested in Rooney, for a time, the idea that perhaps should leave the Rooney has become the mainstream thinking. But at this time, Harvey once again battle out, he said Rooney now still have the ability to foothold in Europe, or in the American League to play some of the early occupation: "for the United States occupation, the Super League, Rooney is not ready, perhaps in the two to three season, Rooney joined the time is right. Given Rooney’s age and his ability now, he still has a foothold in Europe’s top leagues. I think he can still make a contribution to Manchester United, but if Manchester United do not want to continue with this kind of employment relationship with Rooney, I think Rooney can help other top clubs in europe." "When a player is old, he can’t play three games a week or play a game of 50 a season, but if the old players are willing to adapt, they can still play at the highest level. Rooney is one of the best players in Europe over the past ten years, and it won’t change overnight." Harvey said. (streamer fly)相关的主题文章: