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Harbin automobile trading market forced seven problems into complaints hot recently, reporters from the Harbin municipal market supervision and Management Bureau, January 1st to October 8th this year, the Council received complaints involving Harbin platform of automobile 4S stores in sales and customer service consulting service complaints 1395, an increase of 24.4%, accounting for 3.5% of the total complaints consulting. The consumer advisory 1143, direct response rate of 100%; 252 complaints, 94.7% completion rate, 2 million 264 thousand and 300 yuan in economic losses of consumers. In the cases of consumer complaints, seven kinds of problems become the main problems. One is the mandatory trading in new car sales. As a disguised increase car sales, decoration, installation of vehicle insurance, mandatory collection of car bound testing fees, temporary license fees. Two is a new car performance faults and defects. Such as engine abnormal sound, steering wheel trembling, car body rust, tire cracks and unauthorized disassembly of new car components. Three is not fulfilled or not fully fulfill the statutory "Three Guarantees" obligations. Such as sales are artificially Wei, procrastination, not according to the provisions of the examination or fail to complete the duty of disclosure, maintenance of deputy plant parts etc.. Four is to arbitrarily change the agreement between the two sides, misleading consumers. Such as delivery time, vehicle preparation, vehicle style, loan items, insurance mortgage and confusion deposit and deposit concept. Five is suspected false propaganda. Dealers in the promotional activities exist misleading, induced not to fulfill commitments, claiming that the whole department to participate in activities, but only a few cars to participate in activities, promised to send leather chair, but the actual delivery of cushion or other goods. Six is suspected of consumer fraud. If the sales of new cars are filled with old and new car sales shoddy, accident behavior. Seven is not marked price. If the price is not clear, do not inform or false price, there is a violation of the provisions of the phenomenon of arbitrary charges. According to reports, the Harbin automobile market there are still many disharmonious factors in the field of sales and customer service, resulting in consumer complaints is increasing year by year, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, market regulators rely on the 12315 complaint platform, strive for the first time to complete the consumer dispute mediation work. At the same time, it also reminds consumers to keep good vouchers when buying, so that disputes can be solved quickly and effectively.

哈尔滨汽车市场强制交易等七类问题成投诉热点 近日,记者从哈尔滨市市场监督管理局获悉,今年1月1日至10月 8日,该局投诉举报平台共接听涉及哈市汽车4S店在销售及售后服务方面的咨询投诉1395件,同比增长24.4%,占咨询投诉总量的3.5%,其中消费咨 询1143件,直接答复率100%;投诉252件,办结率94.7%,为消费者挽回经济损失226.43万元。消费者投诉的案件中,七类问题成为反映集中的主要问题。 一是新车销售中出现的强制交易情况。如变相加价售车、加装车辆装饰、绑定保险、强制收取新车检测费、临时牌照费等。二是新车存在性能故障及瑕疵等。如发动 机异常响、方向盘发抖、车体存在锈迹、轮胎出现裂纹和私自拆卸新车部件等。三是不履行或不完全履行法定“三包”义务。如销售中存在人为推逶、拖延行为,不 按规定验车或未尽到完全告知义务,维修中使用副厂件等。四是擅自变更双方约定,误导消费者。如交车时间、车辆配制、车辆款式、贷款事项、保险抵押金和混淆 定金与订金概念等。五是涉嫌虚假宣传。经销商在促销活动中存在误导、诱导不履行承诺等情况,宣称全系参加活动,但只有几款车参加活动,承诺送真皮坐椅,但 实际送的是坐垫或其他商品。六是涉嫌消费欺诈。如销售新车中存在以旧充新,以次充好、销售事故车等行为。七是不明码标价。如价格不明示、不告知或虚报价 格,销售中存在违反规定乱收费现象。 据介绍,哈市汽车市场在销售及售后领域仍存在诸多不和谐因素,导致消费者投诉量逐年攀升,为保护消费者合法权益,市场监管部门依托12315投诉举报平 台,力求在第一时间完成消费纠纷调处等工作。同时,也提醒消费者在购买时留存好凭证,以便发生纠纷时能够快速有效解决。相关的主题文章: