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Harbin Airport Road near zero km turntable sanitation workers were car knocked down life daily news September 19th 18 early in the morning, in Harbin Daoli District near the airport road zero km turntable, a car will be a working sanitation workers knocked down. After the incident, it was immediately lying on the ground to help the sanitation workers, sanitation workers were sent to the hospital after the ambulance. According to witnesses, the incident location at the airport road to the airport at the first zero km high-speed rotary position, about 6:30, a black car will be a working man sanitation workers knocked to the ground, the driver hurried off, and the other with enthusiastic passers-by to the injured rescue. After the 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the hospital and the injured. Reporters from the hospital, emergency Qunli Hospital District Bureau was informed that the injured man has left the hospital after examination. Reporters from the Harbin Daoli District Urban Management Bureau Party committee was informed that the male was a 57 year old road sanitation workers responsible for cleaning, cleaning, the unit has handled the accident insurance for the. Currently there is no problem with the road body, the driver was accompanied by his inspection after the two sides have reached a settlement.相关的主题文章: