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Guizhou Jianhe County village fire fire burned for 3 hours – Sohu news the evening of February 20th, the upstream news (National broke the news hotline 17702387875) reporter from the Jianhe province Guizhou county county Party Committee Propaganda Department official department learned that day about 18 points, Jianhe County Hot Springs Village fire. 21:30 or so, the scene of the fire was extinguished, as of press time reporter, fire officers and soldiers are still on-site rescue. 21:50, more than micro-blog users to the upstream (national news broke the news hotline 17702387875) reporter broke the news that the Guizhou province Jianhe County Hot Springs Village fire, and on the fringe of the video from the scene. From the video you can see, the fire is very fierce, from time to time, wood burning issued a "crackling" sound, while someone yelling "to hold". It broke the news person, the fire burning fire at around 18 points, the village of about 200 households, the village for the whole wooden structure, and the distance between the two buildings are very close in. It is learnt that the Guizhou Qiandongnan area is the Miao, Dong and other ethnic minority settlements, mostly wooden structure houses, built under the mountains, once the fire is difficult to control. In recent years, many ancient villages in Qiandongnan have been reduced to ashes in the fire. The hot springs village Miaozhai is located in Guizhou Jianhe county 20 kilometers, the village has a total of 340 households, more than 1700 people. 22 points, Guizhou province Jianhe county Party Committee Propaganda Department relevant person in charge told the upstream news (National disclosure hotline 17702387875) reporters, around 21:30, the scene fire has been extinguished, fire officers and men are still on-site rescue. For burned area, casualties and fire reasons? The person in charge said, it is not clear, after the fire fighting work is finished, will be announced to the media. It is reported that this is the Jianhe County Village second fire. 15:40 on December 12, 2014 Xu, Guizhou County, Jianhe province Qiandongnan Jiuyang Xiang Jiu Ji Cun fire. As of December 13, 2014, 17, the fire accident caused 176 households, 619 people were affected.

贵州剑河县苗寨发生大火 明火连烧3个多小时-搜狐新闻  2月20日晚,上游新闻(全国爆料热线17702387875)记者从贵州省剑河县县委宣传部相关负责人处了解到,当日18点左右,剑河县温泉苗寨发生大火。21点30分左右,事发现场明火被扑灭,截至记者发稿,消防官兵仍在现场施救。   21点50分,多名微博网友向上游新闻(全国爆料热线17702387875)记者爆料称,贵州省剑河县温泉苗寨发生大火,并附带上了现场拍摄的视频。   从视频上可以看到,火势很猛,不时有木材燃烧发出“噼啪”声,同时有人在吼“要撑住”。   据爆料人称,大火于18点左右燃烧,失火的苗寨约有200户,这些苗寨多为全木结构,而且两栋苗寨的间距非常近。   据悉,贵州黔东南一带是苗族、侗族等少数民族聚居地,多为木质结构房屋,依山而建,一旦失火便难以控制。近年来,黔东南已有多个古老村寨在烈火中化为灰烬。而温泉村苗寨位于贵州剑河县城20公里,全村共340户人家,1700多人。   22点,贵州省剑河县县委宣传部相关负责人告诉上游新闻(全国爆料热线17702387875)记者,21点半左右,现场明火就已经被扑灭,消防官兵仍在现场施救。   对于过火面积、人员伤亡情况和火灾原因?该名负责人表示,目前还不清楚,稍后火灾扑救工作全部结束后,会向媒体公布。   据悉,这已经是剑河县苗寨第二次发生火灾。2014年12月12日15时40许,贵州省黔东南州剑河县久仰乡久吉村发生火灾。截至2014年12月13日17时,火灾事故造成176户619人受灾。相关的主题文章: