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Advertising We are living in an era where various discoveries and inventions have already done while millions other are yet to be done. Apparently, with each passing day something or the other is either being discovered and explored or invented such that if we talk of the database of knowledge, it is quite vast. Therefore, as the database of knowledge is increasing each and every day there is a need for a source that could manage these data related to information, discoveries and inventions persisting in each and every field along with suitable sharing of this database globally. Undoubtedly, for this purpose online journals are made available over internet that not only stores and shares a large database of information related to various field but also has be.e quite a potent tool for various scientists and authors to represent their work globally and acquire international fame. What is Research Paper? As we have discussed earlier that as with each passing day new inventions and discoveries are going on that are creating huge information resource such that for its storage and sharing various online journals have started being used so, before we discuss about online journals let us first know what is a research paper and what is its significance. As the name suggests a research paper is the formal form of interpretation, observation, Conclusion or review on a particular topic which is being published onto Online Research Paper Submission journals. In any research paper author either discusses anything new or put contrary viewpoints on already existing research papers keeping facts and figure into consideration. Whatever it is, the basic purpose that it should serve is spreading of latest development and research related information globally. Indeed, if we talk of the current scenario research papers are one of the most reliable and effective way of getting deep information about a particular topic. Along with this research papers are also a source for researchers and authors to display their work internationally such that people could recognize their work globally and they could attain international popularity and fame. However, getting your research paper published is not a easy task and needs experts advice for that. Thus, to guide beginners on how to get their research paper published we have stated few guidelines that should be kept in mind. Guidelines for Research Paper Publication: Refer Research Papers already Written: First and the foremost thing that one should follow is to refer to the already existing research papers related to your field. This would give you a idea of how a research paper is written, format, topics illustration and many more. Choose Right Journal: Research papers can be written in almost every field but nature of audiences varies. Thus, another important thing that one should keep in mind is choosing the kind of journal that publishes research papers related to the field you are writing in. Prepare Your Research Paper: Once the journal is decided where you want to publish your paper generate manuscript according to the guidelines of the specific journal. Review Article: Once research article is prepared get it reviewed by the experts or scientist of the same field to avoid rejection. After all these steps are followed properly, get your research paper submitted in renowned Research Paper Publications. One Such prestigious research paper Journal is ijahs… Ijahs is International Journal of Art and Humanity that offers open access to research publications worldwide. It publishes research papers of the latest development and research work done in various fields like science, technology, educational sector, art, humanities and many more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: