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Guangzhou Daily: before the start of training, the "false start" there is nothing wrong with – View – original title: before the start of training before the start of training the "false start" is not wrong for primary school students, meet the children’s acceptance habits, mental status and the law of education, but also reflects the meticulous and considerate. So it is not a "false start", but targeted help. A new school, a lot of people have some "cannot bear to think of the past". Especially when the first grade school, it is often the child crying loudly, parents phalanx of some children, "class yiyanbuge" emotional, even sitting in the classroom for a few minutes on Batui ran out…… However, now some primary school’s style is completely different. Their time "ahead of time", "expression, such as the day before the smile through tears" in Tianhe District Tianfu Road Primary School Freshmen, accompanied by parents and teachers happily in the campus under the pictures and enter the classroom — although not to the official opening day, but the Guangzhou school has more and more lively. They go to school ahead of time through the new way of training, to help students quickly into the campus. Before the start of training, to adapt to the environment, there are users reminiscent of a variety of training courses, summer class cohesion — this also is similar to the "false start"? In fact, for the primary school students before the start of the training, in line with the acceptance of children’s habits, mental state and the law of education, but also reflects the school’s meticulous and intimate. Think carefully, if there was such a "welfare", childhood we must not be so terrified. In the children’s mind, the teacher is tough, the class is boring, "discipline" two words is very scary. Pre school training is conducive to breaking the children’s imagination". For example, parents accompany their children to visit the campus, can reduce children’s anxiety; through the set books, queuing, uniforms and other finishing the regular training, to be able to let the children into the role, familiar with the environment in advance. Training also allows children and parents to adapt to the turning point". The kindergarten is mainly to play mainly to primary school not only faces the transformation of the learning environment, and behavior, learning style, interpersonal aspects of change. Before the start of the training is equivalent to a warm-up process, so that children understand the primary school life in advance, there is a period of convergence in the psychological transition. On the other hand, freshmen enrollment is not only a new starting point for children, but also a new challenge for parents. At present, more and more parents have realized the importance of family education for children, but many adults still confused, at a loss, and school training can help them adapt to this change, play a good role of parents. In addition, more importantly, training is also conducive to stimulate children’s enthusiasm for school. Interest is the best teacher, and the new school’s biggest "rivals" is often a weariness. In this regard, the school let the children write the new semester with desire, draw the first grade in the eyes of the way to explain, through interactive games, let the children love the school, to stimulate school desire and enthusiasm, let the children to begin primary school life, full of longing and expectation. On the significance of education, American educator Dewey said相关的主题文章: