Guangzhou Audi Lianzhuang car garage number after escaping the neighborhood said drunk driving-homefront

Guangzhou Audi Lianzhuang car garage number after escaping the neighborhood said drunk driving     Information Times News (reporter Zhou Weilong) yesterday morning, who lives in Haizhuqu District more than a road Chigang District of the owners of the news that their own area of a car out of the garage rampage, continuous hit a small number of private cars, then the red card fled the scene. Yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the scene, the district property management department, a staff member said, someone’s vehicle driver suspected drunk driving, but fortunately no one was injured. Currently, the traffic police department has been involved in the investigation.     garage crash out of     at severing fence;; the North Jing Wang Haizhuqu District Chigang Garden District, the reporter arrived yesterday morning in the district saw a roadside sedan front was severely damaged. Residents Mr Wong said the incident yesterday at 3 pm, is home to rest he suddenly heard the sound of a street pavement upload crack, "I see a lot of security around down after the corolla, the car had heard."     as for the incident process, residential security monitor Mr. Wang, the accident is a Guangdong A Audi brand dark sedan, the car was originally in the B District Library parked at 2:50 in the morning yesterday, Xu, a middle-aged man driving the car in the garage car Lianzhuang, guards found immediately stepped forward to stop, the reporter in the area saw the surveillance video, yesterday at 2:54 in the morning, someone’s car directly across the parking lot around the bar, sped past, followed by a small security personnel. While another property management personnel Mr. Qin was pushing a bicycle patrol in the parking lot exit, "at that time, almost hit me, I quickly put the bike away," by Mr. Qin said, Audi car speed quickly, instantly hit parked on the road on the corolla.     the driver of the vehicle fled the scene burst     as for why the vehicle suddenly "Crazy", Mr. Wang said, the driver is likely to be drunk, "he also called the insurance company phone at the time, but the talk is not clear, it’s obviously drunk." In the area of security personnel to alarm, Mr. Wang saw the man forced to drive a Audi car has a flat tire, again thrust charging poles fled the scene periphery.     Mr. Wang said that at present, they have been submitted to the traffic police monitoring department. At the same time, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou traffic police, they have been informed of the owners to investigate the accident. According to regulations, the perpetrators after the traffic accident escape, administrative detention for 15 days. As for whether the incident is drunk driving or drunk driving, pending investigation.     (anonymous rebellion award 60 yuan)相关的主题文章: