Guangzhou, 2 year old girl was killed and her grandmother pleaded not guilty to fight the child-helmet怎么读

Guangzhou 2 year old grandmother died of abuse pleaded not guilty that never hit the child – Beijing parents have divorced, the court sentenced Maria Tung to Jiang mother raised by Jiang usually have to work on the outside, so will Maria Tung to grandma liaomou to watch. Grandma does not recognize the abuse of children, but the statement and the fact that evidence contrary. Only 2 years old Maria Tung (a pseudonym) sent to hospital died, after identification, in his lifetime suffered sustained abuse, Department of abuse was fatal to the. However, in the face of Maria Tung’s death, the day is responsible for looking after her grandmother was indifferent, claiming " once did not hit the Maria Tung " the child’s injury may be due to her unstable walking often wrestling. Daily economic news reporter learned today, Huadu District, Guangzhou, the court held that Liao Mou constitutes a crime of abuse, sentenced her to two and a half years in prison. Liaomou refused to accept the appeal, the Guangzhou intermediate people’s Court of second instance finds that although liaomou persisted in denying the abuse of Maria Tung, but this is clearly contrary to the relevant evidence and confirmed the fact that because Maria Tung is usually by liaomou after Maria Tung’s death, and also because of the continued abuse caused by, should be determined liaomou implementation abuse therefore, rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Incident: the doctor found the girl died suspicious alarm on the evening of August 8, 2013 at 11 am, a girl aged only Maria Tung was sent to Huadu District People’s hospital. At that time, Maria Tung’s heartbeat and breathing have been stopped, cold body, died after rescue. To participate in the rescue of pediatricians longmou surprise, in the rescue process, Maria Tung’s mother and grandmother liaomou expression is relatively indifferent, as if nothing had happened, general child parents see their children will have a nervous wreck, which made longmou and colleagues suspicious, and they found bruises and scratches Maria Tung right cheek, double eyelids are Yuban, ask parents, liaomou say Maria Tung is hurt, but said it was not clear what time falls. Maria Tung feel that the attitude of the families of the dragon and Maria Tung body surface are suspicious, for which he hastened to call the police. Identification: girls suffered abuse death after receiving the alarm, Huadu District forensic staff Lee inspection found that Maria Tung had multiple injuries on the body, head and face the heavy trunk, we can see many new and old injury, to scratch, the limbs are visible multiple abrasions. Moreover, multiple contusions Maria Tung facial swelling, damaged skin and scalp scattered, with a blunt object many times. The formation of the possibility for Maria Tung’s own touches to fall off the low, he suggested by the Zhongshan University forensic center identification. According to Zhongshan University forensic center staff Liu testimony showed that after identification, Maria Tung’s injury is caused by abuse, because Maria Tung injury of the body are caused by a blunt object, the surface abrasion and contusion and a blunt effect met several times, especially at the top of the scalp soft tissue injury to itself bump to explain, and Maria Tung lean, histological examination showed that malnutrition had anemia shape. Zhongshan University forensic identification center staff Luo also believes that from the injury characteristics, Maria Tung in accordance with the features of abuse injury, with wrestling, bump body alone相关的主题文章: