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Guangxi – ASEAN popular students Beijing provinces in new Nanning on 30 October, (reporter Jiang Xuelin) on October 28th to 30, 2016 Nanning? International Symposium of Chinese ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia held in Guangxi of Nanning city. Guangxi Teachers Education University President Li Fengsheng said here: "our neighboring ASEAN countries and relying on the advantage of deepening educational exchange and cooperation of the ASEAN countries, there are 8 students in my school in ASEAN countries, expand the school and ASEAN education cooperation positive areas." Li Fengsheng said that Guangxi Teachers Education University currently has 8 ASEAN countries, students enrolled in school, the number of up to more than and 100 people. The school sent to ASEAN countries each year about 100 students studying abroad. Colleges and universities in Thailand to build a "Thailand language and culture center", "Thai occupation education development center, and a plurality of ASEAN universities to build" Chinese Center "," Chinese education practice school "," air travel service practice base ", gradually formed a" culture system China ASEAN talent two-way exchange ". Li Fengsheng said, in addition to the ASEAN countries to carry out cooperation in undergraduate and graduate education, the school is also promoting cooperation with ASEAN countries to develop vocational and technical personnel. In late September this year, Guangxi School of learning hosted the 2016 China – ASEAN vocational education development forum. The cooperation between Guangxi Teachers Education University and ASEAN universities is just a microcosm of educational cooperation between Guangxi and ASEAN countries. Guangxi Department of education on the data show that over the past five years in Guangxi to receive students from ASEAN countries, nearly 40 thousand people, Guangxi has become the students to study one of the ASEAN countries China hot provinces. Guangxi and ASEAN countries nearly more than and 200 colleges and universities to establish a cooperative relationship, the establishment of the ASEAN countries foreign students scholarship. According to reports, Guangxi focus on building a "China ASEAN financial and taxation personnel training center, China ASEAN agricultural training center and 9 National Education and training base, training for ASEAN countries in agriculture, language, administration, medicine, art and other fields of professional personnel up to more than 6 thousand people. Guangxi has also set up a China ASEAN Regional Development Collaborative Innovation Center, China – ASEAN vocational education research center and other think tanks. (end)相关的主题文章: