Guangdong youth soccer players are match-fixing crazy shot his own

Guangdong youth soccer players are "match-fixing" crazy shot his own goal original title: why they fired their goal? Guangzhou — "pupil match-fixing" incident tracking Xinhua Guangzhou October 9th sports news (reporter Wang Haoming) recently, in Guangzhou City, an ordinary U11 age in the game, players will play wonders appear to his goal scoring for each other. "The primary match-fixing" incident upon exposure, immediately aroused strong concern of the society, why teenagers kick the ball to his goal? Reporter conducted a follow-up. Let people terrified "match-fixing" on the afternoon of 5, Phyllis hariken autumn cup national invitational U11 age into the final round of the competition, previously, "young Guangdong team" and "Dongshan small Ye team" is 5 wins and 1 draws, the champion will also produce between the two teams. The last round of the young team’s opponent is at the bottom of the bay blue lions, eventually to young 31:0 rout of rival, to lead the second Dongshan small Ye’s 17 goal difference. Dongshan small Ye team’s opponent tikitaka team, the first game of Dongshan small ye were behind the 1:2, but the second half of a sudden change in the situation, Dongshan small Ye team started scoring. A team of young youth coach described the situation: "when the score became 15:2, tikitaka player kicking off after the ball into his own goal and direction, and a shot hit the post, this attack to their goal of the scene, so that the presence of a lot of people dumbfounded." Finally, Dongshan small Ye team to 25:2 win, and overtake on the young team in goal, and ultimately win. The coach said, when young players cried "crashed", "the purity of their world view can not accept this, how can play football is so?" What game is this? Match-fixing event with the network exposure and quickly aroused widespread concern. 9 evening, the Guangzhou Football Association also issued a statement, saying the event is not the Football Association hosted, and the Guangzhou Football Association has no relationship. According to the reporter, "Phyllis hariken golden cup" Guangzhou Yida club tournament organized, and Phyllis club is late China football legend Zhao Dayu founder of the youth club. The purpose of the organizers is also very simple, that is, in order to allow young people during the National Day in the holidays there is an opportunity to exchange games. It is understood that in the U11 age group, a total of eight teams, three teams in addition to the above, as well as Tianhe Sports School, Shunde Football Association, dream team, sail Phyllis rich and Shawan blue lions. Storm fuse from the name of the team is not difficult to judge, this is not the official organization included in the U series of games. In fact, the Organizing Committee and to make the game more intense, and there are no particularly stringent regulations on age, registration, to participate in the game allows overage players after filing. Therefore, young Guangdong team from the academy and decimating the Hengda foot school recalled two players after their training competition. In addition, according to the young coach said, because in the holiday, Dongshan and tikitaka small Ye ya相关的主题文章: