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Green blue China myth conceived under the 37 "snow Eagle lords" [Abstract] "we called myth refers to a popular in the folk story, the narrator, is beyond human ability more than the gods act, although fabulousness ancient people, but tell each other, but for Gospel truth." The Chinese myth comes from the folk, generally refers to the ancient fable, the history, the religion and the ritual assembly. As a treasure of Chinese culture and history, through oral, novel, ritual, dance or drama style handed down, first recorded in "The Classic of the Great Wilderness", "Huainan Zi", "historical records", "Chu Ci" and other ancient classics, until the Ming and Qing Dynasties "ghost stories", "journey to the West (micro-blog)", "FengShenYanYi" is a reference to myths and legends. Today, the fantasy novel IP Cultivation Class prevailed, like 37 "snow Eagle infiltration" by Chinese lords myth, successfully created a story is not a myth, the myth of god. 37 "snow Eagle lords" official website: Qianshan million drag copy of the game BOSS hall [China devils borrow myth magic Nirvana] in addition, China myth of "God" and magic skills generally have true colour of a hero myth plot, as well as power, magic and so on. Just like in life: Feather and wings, can fly in the sky; the human arm brachial odd extremely long and smart, capable of driving wind operation; the Dragon Boguo giant step could cross the sea mountain. In the 37 "snow Eagle lords", mounts, game player running easily meet the wings of desire, magic, magic play an extraordinary power, once the game player has many kinds of high order equipment technology, minute comparable in ancient mythology of supernatural characters, can be described as "The students surpass the teacher. master". All the gods of Mount magic sky magic Nirvana "snow Eagle lords" 37 game new blockbuster launched a world fantasy ARPG web games, I eat tomatoes according to the same name popular Internet novel, and won the only genuine authorization I eat tomatoes. The game is highly faithful to the original, to show the full range of East Boxue eagle from parents to go into the captured gun to save the Cheyenne legend extraordinary and so on a series of game player, able to experience the authentic fiction story. The meaning of the game to create fusion, coercion, magic realm is the spirit and blood awakening, extraordinary life and death battle, cross border war and many other novel devil gameplay, fantastic battle, gorgeous special effects, concise and lively rhythm, bring you like (micro-blog) water like the thrill of the game. Experience of Oriental Fantasy, "snow Eagle lords" official website: xylz相关的主题文章: