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Girlfriend derailed men as "road to fortune three extortion third 60 thousand cohabiting girlfriend cheating Youfuzhifu, a man more than angry, has extortion third 60 thousand yuan. When the implementation of extortion, the other unbearable, to his wife after the alarm. Recently, the man convicted of crime of blackmail and impose exactions on by the Guangling district court, and sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years, and fined 5000 yuan. [the] cohabiting girlfriend derailed, Jing Jie and his lover blackmail man more than and 40 years old, are Yangzhou people. 9 years ago, the two met, because there are married, two people soon come together, Similarly afflicted people pity each other., although not for marriage registration, but cohabitation as husband and wife. In recent years, two people often quarrel because of trivia, not as good as in the past. Two years ago, Yangzhou’s understanding of a self-employed — laocai by WeChat, after become lovers. In May this year, Jing Jie that’s wrong, suspected the other derailed. As for evidence, Jing Jie’s WeChat peep chat records, found that improper relationship between men and women’s and laocai. Jing Jie’s anger, and therefore repeatedly quarrel, let’s meet and put forward to solve the problem about laocai. In May 16th, Hanjiang District in a hotel room, the three meet. In Jing Jie beaten, laocai admitted and had two’s relationship. Jing Jie threatened to alarm or call laocai wife. This fear, laocai hurriedly beg for mercy, said to the one-time compensation 28 thousand Yuan Jing Jie, the parties no longer have any dispute. Jing Jie agreed. [change] self loss, a total of 60 thousand overweight extortion thought this thing is over, but 3 days later received laocai Jing Jie telephone. That evening, Jing Jie and his home after a quarrel. In Jing Jie constantly pressed, admitted that she and Lao Chai’s understanding for two years. In this regard, Jing Jie unbearable, he wore a cuckold for two years, but got only 28 thousand yuan, grew more and more feel loss. The evening of May 23rd, two people meet in a restaurant full moon Road, Jing Jie being 28 thousand yuan bank card put laocai, laocai Jing Jie felt bad, for fear of trouble, willing to give him 56 thousand yuan to settle, Jing Jie agrees. Second days old will be 28 thousand yuan of bank cards and 28 thousand yuan in cash to Jing Jie. Jing Jie look, not promised: "yesterday that 56 thousand yuan is added, not including 28 thousand yuan of funds in the card." Laocai can think 56 thousand yuan, what he said is the total number of. Therefore, the two sides do not occur quickly, but laocai again compromise, promised to give 60 thousand yuan, Jing Jie this just give up. [the] unbearable, frequent extortion after the alarm unexpectedly, the morning of July 5th, Jing Jie’s to get disease of Department of gynaecology, laocai to find 16 thousand yuan for medical expenses. This time, laocai no compromise, otherwise there will be endless. Take the initiative to confess to his wife, Lao Chai to the Guangling police. The same day, Jing Jie was arrested by the police. In the public security organs, Jing Jie soon admitted that he blackmailed laocai 60 thousand yuan, Yunnan, Tibet, Beijing and other places to travel trip, the money is spent. Recently, the Guangling district court hearing the case, Jing Jie trial. The court held that the Jing Jie’s behavior constituted the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on according to the specific circumstances of the case, at the same time, in view of the fact that Jing Jie actively restitution of stolen money, made the victim of punishment相关的主题文章: