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Automobiles The car market of India is booming in recent times. Due to the huge demand for cars in India, the foreign car manufacturers are getting aggressive in their marketing and manufacturing plans for India. Every other day a new car in India is launched. The boom in the economy is also a factor which is responsible for the spend spree in the Indian car industry. The opportunities for the automobile .panies have seen a steep rise due to this reason. The other reason for the concentration shift to the Indian market is the saturation witnessed in developed countries. The foreign car manufacturers are flocking in huge numbers to India sensing the untapped and hugely potential marketplace here. The .petition in the Indian car market is rising every day. But, the .petition is proving beneficial for the consumers with low prices and quality products. The huge population also proves beneficial for the auto industry. There are many regions which are still unexplored and can provide huge opportunities for the small car market segment. Due to this reason, most of the major players such as Maruti are .ing out with latest versions and new products from their stable. Maruti has just .e up with a mid size sedan called Maruti Kizashi. The new car in India has already caught the frenzy of car lovers across India. The Maruti Suzuki Kizashi features are also amazing. The car has perfect finishing and great looks. The car has been provided with sporty wheels having aluminium coat. The body line of the Kizashi is very attractive. The sedan also has 17 inch and 18 inch alloy car wheels, brakes sourced from Akebono and keyless ignition. Maruti has also provided car lovers with the choice of cloth or leather seating. As far as the electronics aspect of the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi features go, the sedan has a 425 watts audio system from Rockford Fosgate. This system is Bluetooth enabled and also has iPod connectivity. The sedan also has an auto duel zone climate system. The interiors of the car are also attractive and have features such as a trip .puter, telescoping steering, and power sunroof. The Kizashi is available in 2.4 litre petrol variant and is loaded with a six speed manual transmission. Some of the important features for safety in the Maruti Kizashi sedan are EBD, ABS, eight airbags, seat belt pre-tensioner and powerful stability. The expected mileage of the sedan is 9 kilometres per litre in the city limits and around 12 kilometres per litre on the highways. This latest sedan from Marutis stable is sure to give other sedans in this category a run for their money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: