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German drinking water nitrate pollution serious EU has sued its original title: German drinking water problems! The EU has sued the serious nitrate pollution in new network on 9 November, according to foreign media reports, in April this year, the European Commission has warned the government should take measures to solve the problem of groundwater contamination, otherwise the EU will appeal to the European Court to sue. Now, Germany may have to pay a fine. Reported that the EU in the indictment pointed out that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the European Union, the German Federal States and local governments should strengthen the prevention and control of groundwater pollution standards and regulations to the latest by the end of 2012. The ground water is contaminated by nitrate produced in agriculture and animal husbandry. German Ministry of environmental protection pointed out that 1/3 of groundwater pollution in Germany is serious. According to regulations, the nitrate content of groundwater should not exceed 50 mg per liter, but many regions in Germany are severely overweight. Whether it is for humans or the environment, water containing nitrate is a problem. Because nitrate is converted to nitrite, which can cause cancer. In addition, nitrates produce large quantities of seaweed in the sea and on the coast. Algal blooms can lead to the death of a large number of aquatic animals. The situation of nitrate pollution in groundwater is increasing year by year in germany. Experts worry that the problem of excessive levels of nitrates in groundwater may not be alleviated in the next few years. The nitrate component in manure through the cultivated land in the process of surface infiltration of groundwater often for 10 years. The problem is that the water pollution problem of the EU is the most serious in Malta and germany. The main cause of this pollution problem is large-scale animal husbandry. Reported that the number of pig breeding in Germany more than 27 million, beef cattle, dairy cows reached the number of 13 million. In addition to the breeding of animals in neighbouring Holland and Denmark, the feces of these animals eventually landed on the farm. But in fact only a part of economic crops suitable for applying biological manure. A large amount of excess fertilizer is absorbed into the surface water and groundwater. And the danger is obvious. In some parts of the water plant, it will not be long enough to provide enough water for drinking. Because of the pollution of groundwater, the supply of water is becoming more and more complex and the cost is higher and higher. The German Federal Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in the future water prices are likely to rise 50%. The German government accused the EU of omission in order to prevent agriculture and animal husbandry production of nitrate pollution of surface water and groundwater, but also in order to improve the water quality to reach Europe, EU countries signed a "guide to nitrate standard". The specification requires that all countries in the European Union take appropriate protective measures. The European Commission says Germany has failed to take Germany to the European Court of justice on strict measures to prevent nitrate contamination of groundwater. The German Party Parliamentary Group Pulis agriculture expert Maier warned that Germany now could face up to hundreds of millions of euros to accept the fine punishment. For years, experts in science and Politics相关的主题文章: