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Geng Le juice staged "kitchen male" hidden secret temptation refrigerator Wen Qing – Sohu Geng Le entertainment "who is your dish II" Geng Le portrait Sohu entertainment news wave gives people the carefree uncle Geng Le since his debut impression, art professional background in his daily life is full of artistic temperament, art fan children bursting. Such a "otherworldly" male god, recently participated in the Anhui satellite TV, "who is your dish II" program, the dish has a down to earth "upright", so the contrast is so adorable fans even called cute to no". Refrigerator frozen film Wen Qing Geng Le photography complex in the field, the program group specially moved to the refrigerator of the Geng Le, when the refrigerator opened a few films quickly attracted everyone’s attention. Old driver Geng Le then explained: because the film is afraid of high temperature, in order to ensure the quality of the film before the film into the refrigerator. Did you Chinese photographer Geng Le, still play the film camera properly, usually also very fond of photography. And the film stored in the refrigerator can also be seen Geng Le’s film of the treasure, the conversation is full of love and love of photography. Father Geng Le own heart warming drink ginger ginger persimmon juice pear "crowd is worth mentioning, Geng Le brought his own juice drinks in the program" Ginger persimmon pear". Is Tomato Juice and ginger juice, pear juice mixed drinks Vegetable & Fruit. The name comes from Geng Le in the "cloud" in every homophone character of "Jiang Shi", not only the name of fun, healthy index burst table. At the same time, Geng Le also warm heart to remind you not to drink at night, because the night drinking ginger harmful to health. The first wave of fans not only uncle art fan children warm male physique is intoxicating, let many sisters unable to resist sustain the blows!相关的主题文章: