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Generation of iron and steel workers: no ups and downs of state-owned enterprises "fail" idea – Sohu finance from farmers to workers, "you from Xiangtan" to "we Xiangtan Iron and steel", from "enterprise trapped difficulties and what do I have to do" to "I want to retire early"…… Generation of iron and steel workers the fate of ups and downs in the steel industry for decades in transition. In the steel of winter, when the capacity to the campaign started, these workers feel their responsibilities, and the enterprise "in the same breath, after years of fate", decided to use their own way, and a force for enterprises. A letter, a couple, a group of workers, in one of the "Ten City", this story happen every day. Dear Ning Xiang: hello. Oh, I discuss with you, is not handled by you in advance that is internal Tuiyang unit attrition made contribution to pressure, and take good care of our little family." A 52 – year-old Ningxiang cropped hair, wiry, dark skin, looks much younger than. In May this year, took the letter words letter from his wife Liu Lijun hand, he is not surprised, but is a little shy smile. "After reading, how to say……" This gentle, 10 years older than his wife’s husband down in lexicon search after a moment, looked up and given an unexpected answer, "feel value". If not the letter, he will be like the past 36 years, every move is located in Hunan province Xiangtan city Yuetang District of Xiangtan iron and Steel Co. Ltd. the gate. But Ning Xiang finally accepted the proposal of his wife, 8 years ahead of retirement to take care of their young son and his old mother. The first 9 months of this year, Xiangtan Iron and steel industry reducing personnel 2115 people, currently employed about 9500 people. By 2018, to reach the level of per capita annual output of 1000 tons of steel, iron and steel industry in the number of Xiangtan Iron and steel to reduce to 8000. Ning Ning chose to leave, as Liu chose to stick. Every experience of the people, together with the enterprise, toward the direction of breakthrough. The winter "Ningxiang, you know, we are experiencing a huge challenge Xiangtan life or death." The company covers an area of 500 hectares, in Xiangtan local "Ten City". In this piece is bigger than 11 days [-0.89%] gate square area, the distance between workshop and workshop, are used to measure electric car or motorcycle. Therefore, when the mid November 2015, the only name for a red head file 58 words issued to the whole company, do not know in Ningxiang and Liu Lijun Xiangtan Steel slag recycling plant work, what do you think of nearly 15 thousand other colleagues. Because the name was too long, the red head file and all Hunan Steelers fate, are succinctly summarized as "war crisis, Paul ten decision" to survive, even directly called ten decisions". Tell the truth, pay the real end, is the first of the ten decisions. Led by the company party work department reports on the situation, at all levels of the company.相关的主题文章: