Fuzhou a little girl thumb card into the keyhole fire brigade rescue – Beijing split lock-roselip

Fuzhou a little girl thumb card into the keyhole fire brigade rescue – remove lock Fuzhou Beijing girl thumb card into the fire brigade rescue split lock lock. Huang Lvrong photo Beijing, Fuzhou, November 15, (Huang Lvrong Fang Zebin) 15, 12:20, Gulou District of Fuzhou city is a district in your way, a little girl left thumb stuck in the lock hole, the family tried a variety of approaches are not able to finger out, then the police for help. After the alarm, and Gulou District Drum East fire squadron rushed to the scene quickly. After some observation, the fire brigade found more than half of the children have thumb card into the door, because the door is fixed on the door, no specialized rescue equipment rescue space, the child’s mood is very unstable, hastily rescue easy to cause two damage. After consultation with the medical staff, and with the consent of the family members, the fire brigade with a metal cutting machine will be cut off the door handle, and then the doctor will accompany the child to the hospital for further treatment. After arriving at the hospital, firefighters carefully observed the structure of the lock core, use pliers and screwdrivers and other tools, a little bit of the spring plate of the lock core sticking out, a few minutes later, the child was successfully removed the thumb. After examination, the child’s fingers no harm. (end)相关的主题文章: