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Fujian, a mother and daughter zebra was knocked together with the car was the top rail staff injured horsewomen a passing of treatment and protect injured girl 6 days at 2 pm, the postal savings bank of Fuzhou Hualin Road near the intersection, a red car Dongfeng Peugeot car collided with an electric car, electric car a woman and her daughter fell injured students. Witnesses said the car hit the electric car, suddenly ran out of control of the electric car and women hit the roadside barrier, women directly stuck in the electric car and the road along the stone, the serious injury. After the incident, a lot of good hearted people to lend a helping hand to comfort the injured, contact their families, lift the fence to save the injured mother. Horsewomen together with the car to the roadside was the top Haidu reporter on the scene saw a fence and the front of the car were severely deformed, wearing a uniform girl lying in the middle of the road isolation flower box beside the facial injuries; middle-aged female riders are even the car with the people to the top of the pavement of the garden, was electric fence and press on the body, loss of consciousness, and the blood on the ground. Witnesses told reporters that, at the time, the car drove to the direction of the drum screen, while the mother riding an electric car carrying her daughter, is about to cross the road before the zebra crossing from the postal savings bank. Suddenly heard a sound, they saw the car on the electric car to the lane to go, until the fence stopped. The girl in the back seat fell in the middle of the road, a female rider is pushed to the side of the road." Witnesses said the car hit the speed of electric cars did not cut down, it should be no brakes. Reporters learned that the electric car is a pair of mother and daughter, daughter is a student in Pingtung middle school. Passers by guardrail to save and notify the families of the incident, the scene has been to help passers-by passers-by mother and daughter. People to help the police, call 120, before the traffic police arrived, we also help to direct traffic, to remind the passing vehicles attention. At that time, the province two people’s Hospital, a logistics staff just passing by, immediately called the people moved away from the fence, while comforting the injured mother. In addition, a pair of mother and daughter saw the accident, hurried to the injured girl, and the girl talk, remind her not to sleep in the past, and to help the girls dialed his father’s phone. However, her father received a phone call, mistaken telephone fraud, anxious passers-by on the phone yelling at the police, after his father’s help to believe. Soon, the ambulance arrived at the scene, the scene after dressing the injured to the provincial hospital. The doctors visits, mother legs unconscious, right leg fracture, at least three girls left leg fracture, facial injuries. Car driver said: zebra crossing did not pay attention to reporters at the scene also saw the car sitting on the floor of the driver, is a young man, surnamed xu. Xu said, after crossing the line did not pay attention, hit the electric car, after panic, the first reaction is to hit the steering wheel. People said the scene, the site of the incident is an uphill, also near the zebra crossing, if the car is decelerating comity, accidents can be avoided, even hit the consequences are not so serious. Road traffic law, motor vehicles passing through the crosswalk, pedestrians should slow down; through the crosswalk, should stop. Have a police source,)相关的主题文章: