Fujian, 2 third day girl did not return home from the phone has not been connected to the phone for -roselip

Fujian 2 junior girls go home for 9 days did not return to the mobile phone has been unable to connect the "small" family posted missing   channel network October 10th hearing (Haidu reporter Wu Zhen) these days, a missing person in the circle of friends scraper. Two girls, in October 1st from Fuzhou to go out on the street to go home to play, then lost contact. My parents are mad to find the whereabouts of her daughter, in the circle of friends, to the street posted missing person, call the two girls to go home. "Little (a pseudonym) is a pretty good kid, how a trip is lost?" the little father Mr. Ma said that he is in Chongqing, to work in Fuzhou for 14 years. The little daughter is reading the third, on the evening of 1 7 pm, she and her classmates with (a pseudonym), 77 (a pseudonym), together from the temporary Street Beauty Qi Village home. "Before going out, she will come back soon." Mr. Ma said, until 12 in the evening, small still not home. The second day, Mr. Ma contacted with parents and 77, 1 day, three children go to primary school near separated Qi an, 77 went home that night, with little and have never been heard of since then. When Mr. Ma contact Huanhuan family, found that they are also looking for lost daughter. There is a small cell phone, Huanhuan no." Ma said that he called his daughter’s cell phone 2, has been no connection, when the call is not available on the 3. My parents are from Fuzhou, the reporter contacted yesterday with the father of Mr. liao. "Street source River Road and Jianping road surrounding the transfer of control to my daughter used to go." Mr. Liu said, and then he found 6 evening Huanhuan also appeared in the vicinity. When he left home, Huanhuan wearing a white jacket, 6 Huanhuan is wearing a black t-shirt. "We bought her a black T-shirt. She should have taken some clothes away from home." 3 years ago, Huanhuan’s brother was born, he began to complain that they did not love her. "But we didn’t love her because of her brother." Mr. Liu said, at home, Huanhuan also do not love to communicate with them. The little mother is in 7 months ago a brother. "For this little brother, little like." Mr Ma said they also wonder why they lost contact after going out. This time, the two parents everywhere looking for lost daughter, is not found. Mr. Liao provides the daughter of the school badge to reporters, the badge reads "Minhou Jianping county middle school". According to the parents of the phone, the reporter contacted a teacher in their class. For the child lost contact with the situation, the teacher said that things happen in the holidays, they are actively cooperate with parents looking for children. At present, both parents have alarm.相关的主题文章: