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From the three round of inspections at military ideas – Xi Jinping Beijing, Xi Jinping’s military thinking reporter Zhao Yinping [from the three inspection of learning when] from July 2016 to September, less than three months, Xi Jinping visited the army, troops and support strategic rocket forces authority. What is Xi Jinping’s important instructions for the three new troops? The army embodies the idea of what kind of? "learning" original brand column "Institute" today launched "military ideas" of Xi Jinping from the three round of inspections, for you to explain. Eighteen years, China’s military construction into the fast lane. In December 31, 2015, the army leadership, the Rockets, the strategic support force. Recently, Xi Jinping visited the three forces and made an important speech. The three reading of Xi Jinping’s speech, we can glimpse of Xi Jinping’s military thought. December 31, 2015, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army army leadership, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army rocket army, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army strategic support force was held in Beijing Bayi building. The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping to the army, army troops, rocket strategic support grant flag and precepts. Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Gang and I took the Rockets: there are three new breakthroughs in September 26, 2016, the Rockets visited the military organization of the United States in the year of. The predecessor of the rocket army, was established in July 1, 1966, the second artillery. This is a master of "the mysterious forces big sword". For the status and role of the Rockets, Xi Jinping made a clear exposition. As Xi Jinping in the precepts that "the establishment of the army leadership, strategic rocket forces and support forces, the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission on major decisions made by China realize the dream of a strong army dream, is a strategic measure to build a modern military system Chinese characteristics, will become an important milepost in the modernization of our army, the people military history." The Rockets in what role? "The rocket army is the core power of our country" s strategic deterrence, is the strategic support of our country "s great power status, and is the important cornerstone of safeguarding national security." How can the Rockets bear the burden of the state? "To accelerate the pace of development, put up strategic ability". How can the Rockets strengthen their strategic capabilities? Xi Jinping is the specific requirements of the three "new breakthrough": one is "to achieve new breakthroughs in promoting strategic deterrent capability, the power structure and the composition of forces is more scientific, further emancipate and develop the combat. The two is to realize a new breakthrough for the level of combat in improving, efforts to combat military training, war at any time can keep keep to the concept of all-time preparedness of combat readiness. The three is to achieve a new breakthrough in strengthening the use of strategy, to build for the war, with the promotion of construction, to ensure the play a strategic role. More than half a century later, from the arms to the military, army rocket is a change in the name, the same is the strategic missile forces ability and temperament. It is always weighing country, in the "curb the threat of war.相关的主题文章: