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Parents from the United States 10 new security practical skills – Sohu mother don’t talk to strangers "," don’t eat anything from strangers "," not on a stranger’s car "… These are our parents often say something. But we can’t talk with children closely, they always have to own a person walking one day. Children need to know how to protect themselves when danger is near. From the parents of the United States to share the latest 10 practical skills, clear and simple, parents and children together to learn it! 1 do not put on the school bag or school name now some schools may ask the child to put on the school bag or school uniform, do not do so. If you have to do this, be sure to put your name in a hidden place. When strangers know the name of your child, innocent children are likely to let down your guard, think he is an acquaintance, and become to trust him. So never let a stranger know the name of the child. 2 and the children agreed a secret signal to select a child easy to remember the password, such as "Kung Fu Panda" and "Altman", only tell a family member or trusted people, don’t tell anyone else. You can also create a written code, such as the "111 Representatives" abducted "123" on behalf of a suspicious person tracking, timely contact with their parents. In California, children have been rescued by parents and police in this way. In addition, if you are busy, ask others to pick up the child, telling him he must hear jietouanhao can be assured to follow. 3 make sure your child knows his family’s phone number and 110 make sure the child knows his name, his mother’s name, home address and phone number. Set 110 fast dial in your phone, to teach children in an emergency call 110 way clear to tell the operator: "I need help", if at that time can’t talk, she took the microphone on the side, so that the police tracked. 4 if you are followed by the car, immediately to the car in the opposite direction of running away to tell your child, if they are followed by a strange car, you should immediately go to the opposite direction of the car. Because the vehicle U-turn is not so easy, at least for more time for myself. 5 sense of danger, immediately to the child’s mother for help when feeling dangerous approaching, must be timely help. Tell your child when they feel insecure, parents are not around when the best resort is a mother with children, they are most likely to feel to help children out of danger. We have been taught to find the police uncle, but in fact, many times, the police are likely to ignore the child’s help, that is only a child prank. Of course, if there is no child with her mother, to the police, security, shop or restaurant attendants, uniformed playground staff and so on to seek help. 6 screaming, "who are you?"! Help!!" In fact, we often see adults in the street holding the child’s arm, the child crying entanglement. But to be honest, that’s the kind of.相关的主题文章: