From the beginning of autumn crab foot itch chrysanthemum open smell of crab-rainism

Autumn wind from the foot of the crab to open the smell of the smell of crab smell of autumn, crab foot itch, chrysanthemum open, smell the crab! Another year to eat crab season. The people of Chengdu will jump to praise this year at home can no longer eat crab, the next jiangnan. Steamed crab, crab will retain the greatest degree of the original nutrition and taste. Use scissors to spoon a little professional, a good trip to eat crab. Can we do on the Sichuan people’s taste, spicy incense braised crab, one family sitting in front of the television, directly start eating. This is not finished, the following is the protagonist of abalone. The nutritional value of abalone is high, rich in protein, calcium, iron, and more iodine and vitamin A and other nutrients, for women can cure irregular menstruation, has the efficacy of nourishing yin and tonifying yang. The ages of small food is of course not possession, back to the elderly have a bowl of Abalone Porridge, give children Roasted Garlic Sauce Abalone, taste not the place. In addition, there are barbecue shop popular stars: oysters, shrimp, red bay… And across the sea to see you turbot, bread crab… Do these seafood seasoning, it just picked up a lie and, by the way, take a little back. Then if you can’t take the spoilers, directly to the site to see! These are due to the "Chengdu agricultural products wholesale market seafood shopping plaza, Chengdu agricultural products wholesale market during holiday promotions, afraid you eat enough! The scene as well as cooked seafood, wait for them to feel the delicious chowhound immediately!相关的主题文章: