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From kindergarten to high school 15 years all the way to read international school how much money? This article first appeared in the WeChat public number of international schools parents circle, to know more of the original first article, please pay attention to the public number (ischoolQZ) recently, a friend of my mother C returned to consult with my baby, which the school is good? I asked her, how old is she? 2 years old. This is a rainy day in the spirit of what! Exaggerated, in fact, I have also seen the mother of a pregnant woman at the meeting. That’s the primary school admissions. Well, first introduced the C mother’s house, in addition to the C mother is holding the green card outside the home, Mr son are foreigners, one family has lived in a foreign country. For the children to go the road of international education, C mother is very keen, C dad said not to say yes or no, want to go to see. Of course, to let parents afraid of the "chicken" school, the couple are not very cold. C dad’s career in the country, the possibility of future migration is not, but it is unlikely to see. As for the small C grew up where to go to school, the family has no plans. Since the C mother so planning spirit, I also directly scare her: you should think about it right now, small C in the future where the university will read? From the University of basic education to choose what route. C was a mother meng. Only 2 children, the words are not agile, it is necessary to consider the university? In fact, this is not my whimsical invention. The last time I introduced before, you should have to must go to see his speech the world famous educator Mr. KenRobinson who said that the educational system of modern society, the logical chain is in the cultivation of talents for the university. Is a typical linear thinking of education. So the United States has College Starts Kindergarten in, China has not lost in the starting line". Although there are defects in linear thinking, the old man has cried for so many years, education seems to have not changed too much. At least in the Pacific side we have no. So, recognize the reality. Think about where to go. C mother home to burn brain 2 days, when I saw all haggard a bit: I seriously fill my brain development path for the next 20 years, not easy. I think my son’s University in the United States to read the possibility is 99.9%, the probability of going out before high school, so it is estimated that there will be ten years of study in the country. It would be easy. We first conservative, assuming that your son in the home from kindergarten to high school graduation, read from 3 years old to the age of 18. A total of 15 years. First look at the choice of the traditional public kindergarten kindergarten, if it is a demonstration garden, tuition cheap, less than two thousand of the appropriate. Teacher is also good. But C mom home has no account counterpart conditions, followed by her hope that small C English can start from childhood. So give up. Private kindergarten this choice, but the market is chaotic. It depends entirely on the spending power of your neighborhood…… Luck. If the monthly fee is around 2-5相关的主题文章: