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Free riding fast green disc series adventure Tudor watches Sohu [home] watch watch tasting sports has always been a major theme in the field of human, watch, sports watch can be said to occupy nearly half of the country, all kinds of sports watches to emerge in an endless stream, basically every brand has many sports watches, as one of the Tudor the most durable watch brand in sports watches since fall, in 2015 Italy to cooperate with the well-known motorcycle manufacturer Ducati produced a new fast ride series, today is to bring the green disc watch, watch the official type: 42010N. Tudor and Ducati’s cooperation is from the beginning of 2011, but the two’s fate is not so, the two are founded in 1926 of the brand, and development of the concept of Tudor and Ducati very similar, are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the performance of the original design, movement style, integration of refining and a unique concept is exactly the same, at last the establishment of cooperative partnership in 2011, is a series of the year turned out to ride fast. In the 2015 Basel International Watch Fair in Tudor, launched a total of 3 disk fast ride series, yellow, green and red disk disk disk, today is mainly to introduce the green disk watches, watches and other two in fact, in addition to color to disk there is no difference, but also can be said to be fast ride series the third generation of watches. The free spirit of adventure ride fast Chronograph series inspired by Ducati classic models in Scrambler, with the brand spirit of adventure charm, free riding motorcycle fun, that is the creation of the Tudor watches the pursuit of freedom and adventure, love riding friends should know that Speechless has unparalleled sense of speed and the sense of freedom in the process of riding, the motorcycle in the hands of the world I have illusion. Fast transfer of calendar watch in the 9 o’clock position with a date jump device, professional tools through the Tudor gift, can quickly adjust the display date watch. This design can be said to be very practical, no longer have to adjust the date due to the symptoms of thumb pain. The characteristics of the green disk watch not only the free spirit of adventure, the first table friends noticed or its distinctive green disk, generally men are generally superstitious taboo for the green, this watch green disk, really attractive suction eye, black dial and black collocation lap, always feel strange feeling, I prefer the yellow disk watch, smooth and clean with a wild flavor, very fit fast ride free series of adventure, the green disc watch always feel what is missing. Watch collocation into a black leather watch strap, the other will watch a brown rubber watchband collocation. Brown Leather Watchband also made a fold special treatment, meaning the climbing adventure. Folding buckle watch buckle used stainless steel to build, wearing more convenient. This watch is equipped with an internal core for ETA7753 automatic movement, and then released it)相关的主题文章: