Fred Wudaite cut 34 points Shanghai team warm-up win Korea team-1256789

Fred Wudaite cut 34 points Shanghai team warm-up win Korea giants in the game Frey Dieter cast from the public number in the Shanghai sharks basketball club beat host Singapore flying lion basketball team in the semi-final, yesterday morning, the Shanghai men’s basketball team in Singapore Maxxis did not relax. The team’s 4 main players Zhang Zhaoxu, Liu Xiaoyu, and, in the event of the Organizing Committee of the public welfare activities, with the local children in practice ball. Not only to teach children the professional training skills, but also a group confrontation. After the end of the 4 players quickly return, for the evening and Seoul Samsung prepare for the race. Compared with the group phase automatics, semi finals with Seoul Samsung is showing a close combat situation. Seoul Samsung before the game were more than 87 to 92 lost to Philippines sports team, 99 to 70 victory over the horse Lahiya raptors, the team at the perimeter, but in today’s game, the team at the three point but feel nothing. Every time when the score will be opened in Shanghai Magis, the South Korean team can only rely on foreign aid in the offensive side of the Shanghai team to create trouble. The last time Liu Xiaoyu 2+1 helped Magis 6 win over the Seoul Samsung, and Philippines sports team finals. After the start of the game, Frey Dieter O hit the South Korean team was also used in the distance to the color. Teddy bear suddenly cast 5 points outside the vote, Magis opening than the top 7 to 4. In South Korea just comeback momentum up, Liu Xiaoyu effectively in the team, and Frey Dieter, A Busse Eli together with the continuous projection hit, will lead to 11 points. Gilmore God first 7 throw in 6, scored 13 points to help the team into the second section of more than 24 to 13 lead. Second section one up, the South Korean team will be linked to a score of 5. The Shanghai team suspended back, defensive enthusiasm significantly improved, positive rebound, not God good executive coaching tactics, strong process inside the destruction caused by the two penalty at the same time, all in again to help the team to expand the score to 10 points. At the last moment, the South Korean team hit the whistle three points, behind the second half of the 8 points. After the second half Yi Bian, Magis, Shanghai, the first hit in the distance between the, led the team to play a wave of 8 to 4 small climax. The Seoul, South Korea’s Samsung foreign aid in the sudden foreign investment, quickly help the team to reduce the score gap to 8 points, forcing the Shanghai team requested a suspension. Shanghai Maxxis team into a scoring drought in the last three minutes, only three minutes Yabusailai hit the buzzer. With the team, a very good use of the inside height advantage, Zhai Yi repeatedly reached inside cause destruction. South Korea to rely on three points was reduced to a score of 6 points. With the gradual depletion of physical fitness, the two sides are caught in the scoring shortage. The critical moment, Captain Max to catch directly dunk. The last moment, the South Korean team score will be reduced to 4 points, hope to use foul tactics to recover into the game, but after playing with fire, Liu Xiaoyu steals into 2+1.相关的主题文章: