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Four Yuanjiang "Beijing mother" – Politics – original title: four Yuanjiang "Beijing mother" reporter saw Xue Xianjun, she just for the first grade students after the first English lesson. Over the past few years, the Petite Female teachers actively took part in the four Yuanjiang teaching. Thousands of miles away from Hotan, Xinjiang, she has the most concerned about the students. She will love selfless dedication to the southern border of the children, is in the eyes of a child "Beijing mom". Now, she is most reluctant to the side of the podium. "Come to do something" Xue is an English teacher in Beijing sixty-sixth middle school. In September 2008, she volunteered as the Sixth Batch of the first Yuanjiang teachers came to Xinjiang and Tian, was assigned to Hotan Moyu County second middle school English teaching. She secretly determined: since coming, do something, the advanced teaching ideas to stay. Late at night, Hotan thousands of stars, there is a beam from the dormitory Xue xianjun. In Moyu 2, to encourage children to learn English, she organized the student English competition, English sing songs, performing dialogue…… From Beijing to buy Fuwa and the "bird’s nest", the water cube model as prizes, stimulate students’ learning enthusiasm. She also taught bilingual class Uighur students to write Chinese characters, in order to let the kids see their own characters, she spent time in practice. One year after the end of Yuanjiang, students eager to look at the knowledge of the eyes, simple and beautiful face haunts her mind. The summer of 2013, when the assembly sounded again, she once again apply to Xinjiang, Hotan in fifth for 3 years. In order to improve the students’ enthusiasm for learning English as soon as possible, improve the entry-level English teachers’ teaching level, often using a mobile phone to Xue Xianjun students photos into PPT teaching software, and join the usual activities with the children’s photos and children love animation, encourage each child mouth to say. She is also a group of ethnic and Han students into groups, the performance of the students to be rewarded. She also led the organization and leadership of the first grade of 9 English teachers into the topic "how to play the primary role of primary school students to learn English," the study. We look up information, look for theory, work together to form a research atmosphere. In order to improve the efficiency of memorizing English words, she wrote an effective method of memorizing English words for junior high school students. She, Su Zhengzheng Wang Zhaoli, Aas Guli guidance, Wu Yuting 4 young teachers, making them from just out of school students take charge as chief of teachers. Beijing soon, the students put a leather drum to her hands, put up the picture into a book, write comments, "the teacher don’t forget me!" "I love you!" "I love you!" Xue Xianjun four consecutive Yuanjiang story touched many people. She is like a tree in the Taklimakan Desert tamarisk, become a high spirited and beautiful scenery. She believes that many years later, today’s students are not necessarily still remember the name of the teacher, but they will remember that there have been a number of Beijing Yuanjiang teachers. The "mother of Beijing", who passed the love, believes that love is like sunshine, water or air相关的主题文章: