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Site-Promotion Tip 1: Install the Alexa Toolbar As a first step, install the Alexa Toolbar, or install SearchStatus if you use Firefox, and set your website as the homepage, so every time you open your browser, Alexa counting system begins to work. Tip 2: Get traffic Put up an Alexa rank widget on your website. When being clicked, Alexa would register it as a pv even if that visitor does not have the Alexa Toolbar installed. Tell your friends, site visitors, blog readers and colleagues to use the Alexa Toolbar, and encourage them to visit your website. If possible, install the Alexa Toolbar on every .puter in your .pany or office, and set your website as the homepage. Offer some practical webmaster tools on your website. This often attracts a lot webmasters who will keep revisiting your website and thus help to increase Alexa rank. Post you url on as many forums as possible related to your content or anywhere else. If you have sufficient fund, you can also buy some banners, advertisements and backlinks for traffic. When you post on a stationmaster forum, leave your url there, for most stationmasters have the Alexa Toolbar installed, and it will be of help when they visit your blog. Tip 3: Offer Quality content Its no doubt that content is the key that makes or breaks your website. Search engines are more likely to index a page or site with premium content, so enrich your content and increase the frequency of updates. If not even one article is added during a whole month, search engines will not value your site. But if you could insist on updating 10 articles every day, you will find your search engine rank far higher than you can imagine. You know, good search engine rank is often considered as the guarantee of good traffic which may bring you visitors having the Alexa Toolbar installed. Tip 4: Use security-guaranteed Alexa rank service If you search for Alexa improving service , you could get countless results. It is not difficult for a professional to achieve a desired rank nowadays. What matters is how to keep your Alexa rank stable and your website safe from anything illegal that may cause punishment by search engines. Only a few can handle those problems at the same time, I believe improvealexaranking../ is one of the most experienced experts, well whats more, it has refund policy to guarantee all service effectiveness. Anyway, get started! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: