Four Chinese astronomers went to the Antarctic Observatory 9c8947

China four astronomers went to the Antarctic observatory construction – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Nanjing (reporter Jiang Fang) in November 2, 2 days, four astronomers will follow the "Snow Dragon" which means together went to the Antarctic, Antarctic observatory construction has taken substantial steps. The four astronomers are from the National Astronomical Observatory of Ma Bin and Nanjing Astronomical Optical Instrument Research Institute Liu Cheng, Lu Haiping, Xu jin. They will drift 1 months to reach the south pole, in the sea, then walk more than 1 thousand km from coastal to inland Kunlun station Zhongshan Railway Station, and then will be at Kunlun station of astronomical research work for 20 days, the entire Antarctic journey up to 5 and a half. China inland Antarctic expedition team in 2005 for the first time arrived at the dome A, dome A is widely predicted to be the international astronomical telescope the best site for astronomical observations with "space". Since 2007, China began to send troops to the astronomical expedition Antarctic dome A, a little more than three people, four. "The construction of the Antarctic Observatory will further accelerate," Chinese Antarctic astronomy center director Wang Lifan introduction, 2013, Antarctic Observatory project is included in the "12th Five-Year" period of 16 major science and technology infrastructure plan. Clear in the Antarctic dome A, make full use of China Antarctic Kunlun station existing infrastructure China Antarctic Observatory, mainly including: terahertz optical and infrared telescope, telescope, remote control system, support service system etc.. The facility is completed, will open the terahertz earth rare astronomical observation window, provide strong support for the study of the universe and the origin of the celestial body, dark matter and dark energy, extraterrestrial life and other scientific problems. In recent years, Antarctic astronomical research is in the stage of rapid development. 2007 so far, there are 8 batches of astronomers to enter the Antarctic inland to carry out a variety of observations and scientific research, the establishment of the Antarctic astronomical station has accumulated a wealth of technology, talent and security base. According to reports, the main work of the Antarctic expedition team this year is second astronomical Antarctic Survey Telescope and the corresponding control system maintenance, data security, astronomical observation platform for astronomical site maintenance, automatic meteorological station first Antarctic Survey Telescope to disassembly maintenance, installation and maintenance of equipment and other small astronomical sites such as finishing work. "This year nearly 100 subdivision astronomical expedition mission, while standing in Kunlun only 20 days, in the extreme cold and hypoxia conditions, the task is more arduous, especially for the four young players first participated in the Antarctic expedition, great responsibility." The first one to arrive at the dome A to carry out the construction work of the observatory expedition staff in China, Zijinshan Observatory researcher Zhu Zhenxi said.相关的主题文章: