Foreign tourists to travel without money tone tough to law enforcement assistance was

The foreigner came to Chongqing tourism with no money to help the tough enforcement rejection we have seen for help, have to ask for help, at least one, don’t you humble, but you should at least have a humble attitude. October 8th, Chongqing traffic law enforcement highway two detachment of the four brigade law enforcement team encountered such a wonderful foreigner, tone tough to the law enforcement team, help after fruitless, actually questioned the law enforcement team. Aren’t you all in the service of the people?" "We have always been serving the people, but only for the Chinese people, but you are not." The law enforcement team. It turned out that the foreign man is polish, read in Chengdu university. Take advantage of the national day to travel with friends. It is heard that foreigners can not take the money in China travel, because Chinese are generous, as long as you turn to them, will be there. So the two bet, who will spend money who lose. Two people from Chengdu all the way rub rub rub rub the car came to Wushan. The end of the holiday to go back to school, two people went back to Chengdu to work again. But the law enforcement team did not promise them to help find a ride back to the Chengdu, but tell them to eat, stay, travel by boat to give money, on the one hand, he two people exactly as it should be, not because of economic difficulties, on the other hand he no two in an emergency, they have the obvious to Chinese people good as their bad taste food behavior, is not worthy of sympathy and help. Two see the law enforcement team for help is not realistic, ready to walk on the high-speed, high-speed road up to the car. Law enforcement team once again said to two people: NO! Highway is a closed road, prohibit pedestrians high-speed. Finally, the law enforcement team will bring two foreigners to the Wushan bus station, the two of their own money to buy a ticket back to Chengdu. (correspondent Le Bai)相关的主题文章: