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Foreign media: Nintendo will close this Friday Wii U game machine production line Nintendo this week will close the Wii U game machine production line according to foreign media reports, the game website Eurogamer quoted a number of informed sources said, Nintendo will shut down on Friday in the Wii U game machine production line. Nintendo’s official release of the Wii U game sales data in September 30th of this year, when Nintendo said that the company’s Wii U game shipments have reached 13 million 260 thousand units. If the shutdown Wii U game production line, the news is true, means that the final shipment of Wii U game may be slightly higher than previously released data. As a contrast, Nintendo GameCube game sales of 21 million units, N64 host sales of 32 million units, while Wii sales reached a total of 101 million units. In March this year, the Japanese economic news has reported that Nintendo will be discontinued in 2016 Wii U host, and predicted that Nintendo is likely to turn off the Wii U production line in the next generation host NX launch. But when Nintendo had "Wii U stop message rumor. Nintendo spokesman said the rumor is not a Nintendo Co announcement, and said the message does not mean they will start selling NX in 2016". Wii U pushed out in November 2012, a year earlier than the SONY PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One, but the Wii U sales are slow. Nintendo had forecast, U Wii for the fiscal year ended in March 31, 2017 shipments will reach 800 thousand units, while in September 30th this year, has shipped 560 thousand units, which implied that the remaining in the financial year of the day, there will be 240 thousand Wii U shipment. But as of Friday Wii U end of the day, I do not know whether Nintendo completed the Wii U year shipment target. At least last year, Nintendo Co strategy began to focus on the future. Nintendo said the company will hold a conference in January next year, the launch of the Switch game console, informed sources said, Nintendo Swtich game screen will use 6.2 inch multi touch screen, resolution will reach 720p resolution. Nintendo declined to comment on the report. (compile if water)相关的主题文章: