Foreign media false reports in Philippine Ambassador designate speech involving arbitration Foreign

Foreign media false reports in Philippine Ambassador designate speech involving arbitration Foreign Ministry responded – Beijing, Beijing, November 11, some foreign media had to designate Rome, Ambassador of Philippines "involving arbitration speech" made false reports, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang today commented on the matter, I hope the relevant media with occupation moral news objective, accurate reports, and not for any purpose to deliberately distort and mislead the reader by the interviewer. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang today held a regular press conference, the media questions at the press conference, foreign media reported earlier, Manila said in a forum in Rome, Ambassador of Philippines designate before the "China allow Philippines fishermen to Huangyan Island fishing, means China is actually abide by the arbitration award on the South China sea". A spokesman for the foreign ministry made a comment on this. But yesterday Rome’s ambassador to designate the "Global Times" reporter said, some media false reports, he did not interpret out of context, in the forum said that. On the same day he and reporters chat, a reporter mentioned in the above statements, saying he went on to the reporter, the Philippines leaders dialogue on related issues, both sides believe that Asian brothers help each other, can enhance mutual understanding. But the reporter removed some of the words he said, and added some statements that had not been said. Rome, said, this is untrue, derogatory misunderstood his intention. Mr Lu said that I also noticed that Mr Rome has made a clarification on individual media coverage. We hope that through the clarification of Mr Rome, the parties concerned will have a correct understanding of the position of the government of Philippines. We hope that the relevant media to abide by the professional ethics of journalism, objective and accurate reporting, rather than for any purpose deliberately misrepresented the interviewer and mislead readers. This is not good." Lu Kang said. Lu Kang introduced, we have repeatedly introduced, during President Duthel Te’s visit to China, the leaders of the two countries exchanged views on many issues, but also reached a lot of consensus. Both sides agreed that China and the United States should focus on cooperation, shelve disputes and jointly promote the return of the South China Sea issue by the right parties to resolve the correct track through friendly dialogue and consultation. Both sides also believe that the above consensus is conducive to the two countries and the two peoples, but also conducive to peace, stability and prosperity in the region. Lu pointed out that at present, the Sino Philippine relations are being improved. We are willing to work with the Philippines together, working together to expand and deepen bilateral friendly cooperation and promote bilateral friendly cooperation for more tangible results.相关的主题文章: