For the first time in 20 years, — — it’s a funny language! puritans pride

"For the first time in 20 years," it’s a funny slogan! > > > more original musical "ghost" behind the scenes for the China audience, although the cultural products import dubbed can understand, but after all, it is difficult to know the culture behind the complex or vague connotation, and sometimes considered stiffly added "Chinese elements". 1 a play to Chinese need how long? Review of the new millennium, the mainland has opened a round of Broadway and West well-known theater business boom, this is also the Chinese first concentrated exposure to the original world of classical repertoire: the musical "les miserables" in 2002 the first performance in China at the Shanghai Grand Theatre staged 24 consecutive games, a Chinese was the introduction of the mainland continuous play performances record; at the end of the same year is the debut in 1998 the French version of the musical "Notre Dame de Paris", which is rare relatively fast to Chinese plays, after the French version of English version also has performance. A few years ago the boom, and the Irish tap dance classic "Riverdance", less successful "rent", "West Side Story", "42 Street", "hairspray star", "Aida" and so on, a variety of reasons, in addition to the "Notre Dame de Paris", "cat", "River Dance" then one after another in play, the other basic disappeared. The reason for this period rather than the blowout, rather than the early adopters of the audience. After the end of the meal, many companies turn their attention to localization, almost ten years after the market experience, only to usher in another climax of the introduction of the original. Probably from the beginning of 2013, in addition to the introduction of the new classic again, and in 2014 the German version of "Elizabeth" in 2015, the "ghost", 2016 "a quiet and modest maiden". This wave is still raging, according to the annual report 2015 show road slightly performing arts market, the musical box office increased significantly, largely due to the "ghost" tour contribution. For many foreign classical repertoire, many audience not in the beginning, the works do not understand or curiosity to choose to wait and see a part of the audience, and a part of the audience to try, as a result, try to verify the classic works of the audience, let the audience see that step. This point, from around the office can be very intuitive to reflect the "ghost" tour around more than ten long, at least seven or eight games, have shown in previous box office is not ideal, then a few tickets! As for the other distinctive art form is relatively difficult, until hot, "Riverdance" came to China for almost 10 years, men "Matthew Bourne like" Swan Lake "in 20 years, Argentina show" extreme shock "of God for 8 years. 2 see an authentic performance, in the end how much money? I went up to ask a question, why a lot of Broadway west of the repertoire so long to enter China? Rather than asking questions, it is better to say tucao. In fact, not too much because of what is said, commercial considerations (review what accounts for only a very small part, after all mentioned here are also in the drama, the audience in the world all the young and old men) 7相关的主题文章: