For Russia’s the remotest corners of the globe 纪元1701

For Russia’s "one of the remotest corners of the globe" for having heard it many times the name of the remotest corners of the globe. Mention it, think of four seasons in Hainan Island, the beautiful and romantic Sanya, blue waves rolling in the South China Sea, the well-known, far and near with open arms to greet the remotest corners of the globe, the tourists from around the world… People may have thought, in the distant Eurasia, the mysterious Russian nation, had a comparable Hainan tourist resort in Sanya, its name is Sochi. The early winter of November, Russia’s vast land is mostly Snow gleams white. once into the Sochi, as if to a warm world: in spring, four seasons flowers everywhere, tropical and subtropical plants, people all summer autumn cool costume, is really a hot spot of magic! Sochi is located along the coast of the Black Sea, the Russian winter is the most warm place, is the northernmost of a subtropical climate only parts of the earth. Because of the Caucasus Mountains blocked the cold from Siberia, the southern Black Sea warm sea breeze blowing, make Sochi’s year-round warm and humid climate, the four seasons such as spring. No more than thirty degrees in summer, the average temperature in winter is also in the range of 8 to 10 degrees, the annual average relative humidity of about 70%. Even in November, the average temperature is 15 degrees, the sea is warmer. Sochi and Toronto in Canada, France, Chinese nice Gobi beach and Jilin belong to the same latitude, but there is a world of difference in temperature. The annual sunshine is about three hundred days, which is a typical subtropical Mediterranean climate. The whole city is built along the coast, a Sochi river divides the city into two halves, thing long 145 kilometers, 50 kilometers north and south, Russia is also the world’s most narrow city. Its forest coverage rate reached 80%, the annual minimum temperature will not be less than 5 degrees, thus becoming the world’s most famous seaside resort city, known as the Pearl of the black sea. Sochi is a global tourism vacation and convalescence paradise, as early as 1898 will be set for tourism. As a result of the discovery of a large number of oxygen hydrogen springs and hydrogen sulfide springs, the fate of the city changed, quickly became the best Russian resort. 20 the middle of Sochi emerged in hundreds of resort and spa, for the treatment of bronchial and lung disease and cardiovascular and neurological disorders and skin diseases, regulate the endocrine system, promoting metabolism. In 1909, Lenin signed the "act" of the Soviet government, National Sanatorium District officially promulgated, to lay a solid foundation for the development of Sochi City nursing career playing. After the first World War, a variety of sanatorium of Sochi such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain developed fast, the Soviet Union leaders and senior officials often come to the infirmary and have their own special manor. Stalin private nursing Villa – "green forest" built in the shade covered mountain, facing the sea, seasonal flowers, still open. It is worth mentioning that Chinese people familiar with the famous Soviet writer Ostrovsky, wounded later Sochi sanatorium, because of blindness, dictated by his wife, records, completed the autobiographical novel "how the steel was tempered", the influence of Sino Russian generations. The author of the place of the year, has been turned into the former residence Museum, in front of the horse相关的主题文章: