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Fish slip in a crocodile a sniper to keep 3 days a shot for a third day, a fish pond town of Nanxun District Huzhou Donglin side, a sniper armed with sniper gun, staring at the fish pond. The morning of the third day, just listen to the sound, what floats up, sniper quickly pulled the trigger…… It was a crocodile, was a shot. How can a crocodile pond? And why would disturb SWAT sniper team? Speaking of things from October 30th. The same day, a few villagers to Donglin East Town police report says: a one meter long crocodile found in its fish pond in. Obviously, the crocodile is unlikely to be wild, police surrounding the visit, and so it is near a crocodile farm. The police inventory with farm owners, found that a crocodile escaped. However, how to seize the crocodile, is still a question. The police thought several schemes, finally fails. The pond crocodile escape into the more than 20 acres, which is Taihu fish farming, if the pond drained, losses of up to hundreds of thousands of. If the net net net, general adult crocodiles live at all. After consideration, finally only to help police detachment. Although the sniper has come, but the crocodile usually reclusive, does not show up. Then, two snipers had to take turns squatting in the pond. This is the three day, the morning of November 2nd, hidden in the pond crocodile finally outcrops. The sniper eye, immediately seize the opportunity to pull the trigger, a gun shot the crocodile. When the crocodile was dragged ashore, we found that it is more than 1.5 meters in length, weighing more than 70 pounds. If not disposed of in a timely manner, not only will cause huge losses to farmers, will pose a threat to the personal safety of the villagers around. Afterwards, the crocodile farm after inspection, found that the crocodile farm is run away from a hole drilled. The farms have holes on the wall. Reporters learned that the farm raising crocodile has been for many years, is the first place crocodile flight.

鱼塘溜进来一条鳄鱼 两个狙击手守了3天一枪爆头连续三天,湖州吴兴区东林镇的一个鱼塘边,两个狙击手全副武装,手拿狙击枪,盯着鱼塘水面。第三天的早上,只听哗的一声,有什么东西浮了上来,狙击手迅速扣动扳机……那是一条鳄鱼,被一枪爆头。鱼塘里怎么会有鳄鱼?又为什么会惊动特警队狙击手?事情要从10月30日说起。当天,东林镇几个村民到东林派出所报案称:在自家的鱼塘内发现了一条一米多长的鳄鱼。很明显,这条鳄鱼不太可能是野生的,民警对周边进行走访,附近果然就有一家鳄鱼养殖场。民警与养殖场主一起清点,发现确实逃走了一条鳄鱼。但是,如何抓住这条鳄鱼,还是个难题。民警想了几个方案,最后都行不通。鳄鱼逃入的那口鱼塘有20多亩,里面养殖的是太湖白鱼,如果把鱼塘抽干,损失将高达几十万。而如果用网捕,一般的渔网根本网不住成年鳄鱼。几经考虑,最后只能向特警支队求援。狙击手虽然来了,但那条鳄鱼平时深居简出,根本不露面。于是,两名狙击手只好轮流在塘边蹲守。这一等就是三天,11月2日早上,藏在鱼塘的鳄鱼终于露头了。狙击手眼疾手快,立刻抓住时机扣动扳机,一枪将鳄鱼击毙。当这条鳄鱼被拖上岸后,大家才发现,它身长超过1.5米,重70多斤。如果不是及时处理掉,不仅会给养殖户造成巨大损失,对周围村民的人身安全也会造成威胁。事后,鳄鱼养殖场经过检查,发现那条跑路的鳄鱼是从养殖场一处破洞中钻出的。目前养殖场已经将破洞堵上。记者了解到,该养殖场养鳄鱼已经好多年了,还是首次发生鳄鱼外逃。相关的主题文章: