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College-University The word inventory means anything for which we have stock. It could be raw materials, finished goods that involve a large portion of investment and management. Inventory management means knowing what is on hand, what is in use and what is left. It is the process of managing the constant flow of units into and out of an existing inventory. Inventory Management usually involves controlling the transfer in of units in order to prevent the inventory from too high, or going down that could put the operation of the .pany into problem. Inventory management also controls the costs associated with the inventory, both from the perspective of the total value of the goods included and the tax burden generated by the cumulative value of the inventory. Inventory courses in India include diploma programme and post graduate programmes like Diploma in Inventory Management. A lot of private and Government universities and institutes now offer courses in Inventory management which ranges from short term to long term courses. All businesses have to make balance between costs and profits in order to calculate the profits made. Inventory management means monitoring expenses and revenues to ensure its business’s safety. The main task of business manager is related to Maintaining stocks, the increase rates of inventory turnovers, keeping stock low, to have inventory in hand, to obtain low prices by increasing the volume or quantity of products in inventory. Here are some of the institutes offering inventory management courses in India that offer inventory related courses: Indian Institute of Business Management & Studies, (Mumbai); Indian Institute of Logistics, Chennai, Indian Institute of Material Management. Minimum Eligibility criteria for pursuing a course in inventory management is minimum 50 percent in graduation from any recognized university. Inventory management is definitely a difficult task to manage even if the person is experienced because businesses have different cultures and systems that affect the ways things are done. A manager should be strong enough and wise enough to control and take the business to the right direction. Businesses have sound effect of work places and cultures that affects how things are done in modern. Technology has a great impact on business changes such as productivity, financial systems, money circulation, transportation, distribution, advertising, and many other things. Businesses can make use of this technology to make improvements and to attract customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: