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Fifty-third Golden Horse Awards results are not unexpected   jury selection in media exposure — — original title: Golden Horse Award results why not accident the fifty-third Golden Horse Awards last night ended in Taipei. As one of the most important professional film awards, Golden Horse Award this year still uphold the principle of "art first" principle, the awards selected still to film art. In addition, last year with "old gun" "horse" Feng Xiaogang, again this year with "I am not Pan Jinlian" another victory, won the award for best director. Plus the best actor and actress Wei Fan and Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, and the best film "August", a few blockbuster awards are the flowers, film, it can be said that this year’s Golden Horse Award, film is the year of the outbreak. At the same time, the Golden Horse Award winners in the new men, for the new remarkable advance. The results reflect the development direction of the current movie Golden Horse Award finalists, the film got almost all of the awards, a number of finalists nominated film "goodbye" and "tile City" in the Grand Prix on almost no I wish you a happy voyage. However, this result also reflects the trend of the development of the film: the rapid development of the mainland film industry, the rapid expansion of the market, attracting people from all walks of life. The last century the beginning of 80s, Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Edward Yang, Tsai Ming-Liang, Ang Lee, Wang Tong and other Chinese film director master brought countless classic Chinese film, will also China Taiwan film into a very prosperous period. However, after this, the Taiwan film has Houjifaren, coupled with the theme to photograph are youth, small fresh, let Taiwan to slow the pace of film development. These years, although the Taiwan film has improved shoot like "Monga"? "In those years, we were chasing the girl" "when love comes" "fourth painting" "" "backlight fly my girlish" good movie. The Golden Horse Award nominated "goodbye" and "tile City" is the same as the I wish you a happy voyage. reputation, these films are more and more widely, the technology and the performance is also commendable. However, great changes have taken place in the film market. In recent years, the film has entered a period of rapid development, the movie box office hit a new high, moreover, to enter the film industry funds is also very abundant, so the focus of the film industry naturally appeared to transfer. Therefore, Taiwan filmmakers have turned to the mainland development. The mainland film market and even become a major movie ticket in Taiwan warehouse, last year, the youth movie "my girl" released 300 million yuan to break the box office in the mainland, refresh the Taiwan movie box office records in the mainland, but the box office is several times the film released in the Taiwan area of the box office. So, the Taiwan film circle of movie, more and more attention, in recent years, the Golden Horse Award List on film, more and more people, and this year is explosive to win almost all awards. It can be said that this is the result of changes in the film market environment. In fact, the changes in the film market not only have an impact on the Taiwan film market, the film market in Hongkong has also brought the same changes. The film is still "as one of the most important Chinese Film Awards that cup of tea", every Golden Horse Prize)相关的主题文章: