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Female passengers were strong men forced insurance framed search package driver to stop and alarm a burly chap in the bus claiming lost mobile phone, a female passenger side to open the bag of innocence, also requires no alarm. 550 bus driver Wang at a glance is strong in "framed", through the crowd, to stop the dispute, and alarm for female passengers to prove innocence. Yesterday, a female passenger Liu specially made banners, to enthusiastic driver wang. Ms. Liu said, on Wednesday afternoon, she rush 550 bus ride home, the vehicle arrived in Gutian four new road pier station, Ms. Liu to the back door ready to get off, then, stood a tall man suddenly pushed her near the back door. After that, the man shouted loudly to Liu Qiang, his cell phone was gone, was suspected of being stolen Liu, Liu asked to open the bag for inspection. Ms. Liu doubted this hit is intentional, want to blackmail, or play other tricks, she immediately hold the bag, and the other passengers in the car to seek help, hope their alarm. See the strong male domineering, can not determine whether Liu had been wronged, all the passengers choose to wait and see. Driver Wang heard the loud, parked the car, go to the back position, think things may not be so simple, immediately stop the strong man "forced behavior", took out his mobile phone and call the police. Because it is the evening peak, reported the end of the police, Wang master will arrange other passengers on the bus ride, and will retain the police, such as strong men. Soon the police arrived, and will be brought to the police station and the strong man, Master Wang also accompanied, and to provide the police with the car monitoring. After the police investigation confirmed that it was a misunderstanding, asked the man to apologize. In the face of the facts, Zhuang man had to apologize to ms.. Ms. Liu said, he was in the young man forced, panicked, originally hoping to help the passengers around, did not expect, we are unable to determine whether she is innocent, but the driver refused to sell, Master Wang to help her alarm card clean. So, specially made banner, hope master Wang justice more and more of these drivers. (reporter Zhang Quanlu intern reporter correspondent Chen Yichen),, the main concern of the official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting and useful information, as well as gift sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: