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Disability Can we imagine a life without sound? Chirping of birds, voice of our children, neighbour, people around us. Human sounds, one of the most .plex things in world, are as important as taking breath. A life without sounds is something like a life without breath and for those with hearing problem, things are certainly not easy. Presbycusis, .monly known as hearing loss is caused by a number of reasons like heredity, meningitis, trauma, infections, loud noise and aging. When hearing is damaged, it is classified under two categories one when inner ear is damaged and the second one when eardrum is punctured. In both the causes, result is similar loss of capability to hear sound. To over.e hearing impairment, a number of .panies have launched hearing aids . Inspite of a number of hearing aid products in the market, people with hearing impairment face the same problems year by year. But, just as God listens to us, we do have some good news. Like a light in darkness, a new technology, which has brought revolutionized the hearing industry has hit the stores. This high definition technology, with the cutting edge features, gets into the problematic area of hearing impairment, providing relief to thousands with hearing problems. Let us see some of the good things of this technology. It wards off some of the .mon problems faced by those with hearing problems. This technology eliminates the extra noise caused by mechanical and human sound. It eliminates the sound caused by feedback and also reduces occlusion (the plugged up feeling while using hearing aids). The best thing about its features like volume, bass, and treble can be controlled by remote control. All this sounds really befitting, but the best part is yet to .e. Its the price. Now, you can have this technology at a .petitively low prize which does not pinch your pocket. Hearing aids have been in the market for a long time, offering a number of features. Year after year, .panies manufacturing hearing aids .e up with new products with new features and technology labeled on their covers, but to no vain. So, if now there is something which really listens to a Presbycusers woes, then we must admire and enjoy the beauty of sound in all its forms. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: