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Home-and-Family Special features in Luxury homes distinguish from other homes on the market. 1. Much attention is paid to the master bedroom suite in a McKinney Texas luxury home. They can be an extravagant affair. Typically they have an oversized bathroom with hot tubs or steam showers. Some even have his or her bathrooms. There are master suites with dressing rooms or sitting areas. Some have a balcony overlooking a view. Other’s have closets that are the size of many bedrooms. 2. Any respectable luxury house will have a gourmet kitchen. There should be plenty of high quality cabinets. Some homes have a center island. High end appliances are a must. One nice extra is a walk in pantry. For meals, there should be a formal dining room and a more casual meal setting, such as a breakfast nook. In a typical home, you may find a den. In a McKinney Texas luxury home, you may find a den, an office and a library. There are many rooms you don’t find in your average home. Game rooms and media rooms with theater seating can populate your luxury home. You may even find a couple of guest suites. 4. You will notice a difference in the flooring of McKinney luxury homes. They are of higher quality, typically hardwood or the highest grade of carpeting. Instead of vinyl, you will find ceremaic tile, slate and marble. 5. Walls and ceilings have that extra something, too. You may find bookshelves that have been built into the walls in various rooms. The paper and paint on the walls will be the best. The ceilings can be very high in a luxury house. Sometimes luxury houses have coffered ceilings, and sometimes beams cross overhead. One thing you will find that is special in a luxury house is the built in electronics. New luxury houses these days .e with security and surveillance systems. They also have pre-wired surround sound. Heated pools, gated .munities, beautiful landscapiing and even guest houses are just a few of the other perks you will find in Mckinney Texas luxury homes. If you intend to buy a luxury house, make your wish list. Think of what you most want in a home. If you can afford it, there’s no reason your home builders in McKinney or anywhere else can’t make it happen. If you are moving to the Dallas, Ft. Worth area, visit Tucker Hill, the newest Traditional Neighborhood Development in McKinney, Texas. Located on 769 acres just north of U.S. 380, approximately 2,000 homes will be built there over the next ten years. The development will emphasize lush green open spaces with beautiful trees, pedestrian walkways, a residents club with a full-time Director of Activities, swimming pools, extensive landscaping elements and a convenient shopping and .mercial village. The award winning Southern Land .pany is developing Tucker Hill. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: