Europe and the United States House hot Lolita with Haoru right-aizi

Europe and the United States House hot: Lolita with Haoru right? Lolita said there are three, "sound, light, soft, easy to tear down a breast that is better than what. However, everything about a degree, Lolita had petite body on chest, too much is not too appropriate? Recently, Europe and the United States have discussed this house. Now, let’s take a look at it. 1 "I think, Lolita go well with Haoru ah." You are happy 2 "I feel or not has been touting the Lolita with Haoru, not compatible with figure ah." The mother of the Penguin: big breasts can be, and Hao milk is indeed a little look uncomfortable ah 3 "the chest is gentle ah, so ah Lolita if there is a pair of breasts that is simply too cute." Penguin mother: now as long as the chest, the face does not matter? 4 "once, when I was a teenager when ignorant, I am opposed to our Lolita, later with the increase of age, the more I think our Lolita is good." Penguin: the amount of information is great 5 "look very cute ah." The mother of the Penguin: only · in the brain of her mother; Kardashian 6 "I like this." Penguin: this kind of breast is bigger than the three of the two sisters 7 "Dacheng so normal?" Penguin: this Optima to get into the iron bar, the general material should not be supported 8 "I think the picture is OK, as long as you don’t say she is Lolita." Penguin: like the island poplar ah, look at the small really cute The guards at the graph in figure, the penguin mother did not know what to say. As a peace loving person, the penguin mother respects everyone’s dream. So, small partners and how to treat it? Welcome to exchange and discussion in the comments area.相关的主题文章: