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Especially the winter window of Paris Jie buzzer why transfer players perpetual abortion – Sohu sports players off the buzzer move why abortion   because the bogeba leave Juventus has been searching for the right to stand in the window at the last moment, Mattu Edie and Witt Sal became the Bianconeri, unfortunately, did not implement the Scudetto, can only accept left with nothing whatsoever of the situation. According to Italy media "Turin sports newspaper" said, Mattu Edie failed to join Juventus, because Paris Saint Germain stop. The report disclosed that Paris Saint Germain this summer, Huanshuai, from Spain invited emery, after signing his own, Seville midfielder Joe Klein said the signing of Mattu Edie makes the dimension, the position becomes very awkward, it is reported that the French think iron waist are not reusable, and then brewing out. Juventus that Mattu Edie intends to leave Paris Saint Germain after the news, the first time reported the price to the French nouveau riche, unfortunately, Paris Saint Germain directly rejected, even refused to negotiate with Juventus; Italy media "Turin sports newspaper" martu pointed out that Edie really wants to join Juventus, but was Paris Saint Germain to stop, he was forced to leave the team. The newspaper also said that, although Juventus missed the summer window sign horse figure Edie but during the winter of January next year, will again try to buy a French window, iron waist. Why can’t sign Witt Sal, the Belgian midfielder before Italy to accept the media "Milan sports newspaper" spit out the truth, he in order to join Juventus, even complete the examination in advance. "Sometimes football is like this. These things happen all the time. Angry at the failure of the transfer? No, I’m just disappointed. I even had a physical exam, and I felt like I was a member of juventus. Zenit’s decision was disappointing, especially when they rejected a bid of 25 million euros from juventus. In any case, I have to thank Juventus, because they have to try to sign me, almost all the way, a lot of effort. It was a very strange decision, but I heard that before the deadline, Zenit have decided. As the transfer was not completed, I had to go back to Brussels and arrived at 3 in the morning, followed by a warm-up match against spain." Playing for Zenit Belgium midfielder Witt Sal said, "my destiny and Juventus are the same, this is how I feel. Now, I don’t think about it anymore. I must concentrate on playing the next game, because I am an occupation player, although I am with Zenit’s contract expires in June next summer." Italy media "Milan sports newspaper" the news, wurtzell even identify how much wear shirt at Juventus, he chose the number 28, but the transaction is not successful, is nothing but a dream. Like Mattu Edie, there is news that the next year during the January transfer window wurtzell may join Juventus, Belgium midfielder’s answer is very vague. "I don’t know. Let’s see what happens next January. As for next year in June…… I can only say that I am with)相关的主题文章: