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Reference-and-Education Do all of us give equal importance to the students of Nursery schools as we give to the grownup students? The answer would be not really. However, to some extent the answer is true because we think nursery education is of less importance as .pared to the higher education. But we should not forget that nursery education is the root of the educational career of a person. Earlier, parents used to admit their children directly in class I. But children are benefitted when they are provided nursery education because they get to learn many things in nursery school which they miss if they are admitted to class I directly. The first nursery school was started in France in 1840. Though, the first publicly funded preschool program was Head Start, created by President Johnson in 1965. The program was created by the Federal government especially for the children of low-in.e families. In 1960s, a very less amount of the nations children aged between three and four were registered in a classroom setting. In 1980s, the numbers of students began to grow more, thus some of the states started a version of program which was different from Head Start and helped the children of low-in.e families to get education. Slowly the concept of preschool started showing positive results. Many state leaders started taking an initiative in the educational reform of the young students. By 2005, over 8, 00,000 children of four year of age are undergoing preschool education. And, after that it grew every year. Now parents have started showing an extra interest in preschool education. It has be.e almost a trend to admit the children first in preschool and then proceed to further classes. Teachers of nursery schools have various responsibilities. They are not just expected to impart bookish education and knowledge to the children but to simultaneously discipline the toddlers. It is the responsibility of the teachers in nursery schools to guide the children on how to interact with others or coordinate and help them. They should encourage the creativity that is hidden in every child by providing them a safe and caring atmosphere to grow and learn. They should try new things every day or every alternate day to keep the interest level of the children high because children lose their interest in anything very easily. Indoor activities are not enough for the children of three years of age. They enjoy outdoor activities much more than indoor activities. Nursery education is the basic education for kids and thus, is important for them. The students who have not got nursery education do not know as much as those who have undergone nursery training know. Nursery education is provided to children with an aim of educating them with manners and disciplines which is a necessity of life. Nursery schools teach the children everything right from the names of the colors to etiquettes. Many parents do not realize it but once they admit their kids in nursery schools, they themselves can figure out the difference. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: